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Account Health Use this forum to discuss adherence to Amazon’s performance targets and policies required to sell on Amazon. General Selling on Amazon Questions Find answers to your questions about Selling on Amazon and receive responses from Amazon and fellow sellers. For account-specific questions, or if you do not receive an answer, <a href="/gp/contact-us/contact-amazon-form.html" target="_blank">contact Seller Support</a>. Seller Verification Going through verification? Ask questions, find answers about the verification process for registering an account on Amazon. Third-Party Software & Services Use this forum to discuss the third-party software and services you use to support your Marketplace business. Software developers should check out <a href="">Amazon Marketplace Web Service</a>. Global Selling Selling internationally with Amazon. Order Management, Shipping, Feedback & Returns Use this forum to discuss best practices for shipping your Marketplace orders, getting good feedback from buyers and handling customer service and returns. Listing Management & Reports Use this forum to discuss best practices for listing products on Amazon and managing inventory. Help for New Sellers New to selling on Amazon? Post your questions here for help from veteran sellers. Be sure to review our <a href="" target="_blank">Marketplace Seller Advice & FAQs</a>.
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