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How is content in the Seller Discussion Forums organised?
The content in the forums is structured as follows:
  • Forum Categories: Categories represent a collection of forums. Categories represent a collection of forums as well as other categories. Often, categories are used to organise forums into a tree structure so users can find the right discussions more easily.
  • Forums: Forums are areas in which individual discussions take place as threads.
  • Threads: Threads are discussions that consist of one or more messages displayed as a list, or in a tree structure of messages and replies.
  • Messages: Messages are the individual posts made by users within threads.
  • Replies: Replies are posts made in response to other messages and are organised in a flat or threaded mode.
Do I have to be registered to use the forums?
To create posts in the Seller Discussion Forums, you must have a registered Amazon seller account.

How do I log in?
To log in to the Seller Discussion Forums, click the "Login" link on the home page. From there, enter the e-mail address and password you use for your Amazon seller account.

What is my Username, where is it displayed, and how do I change it?
Your Username on the Seller Discussion Forums is your Amazon seller nickname. Your Username is always publicly displayed in your forums greeting, and is visible in your Seller Discussion Forums profile under "Username". You cannot change your Username.

You can, however, change the Name displayed on the forums:
  1. Click on the "Your Stuff" link to get to your profile
  2. Click the "Edit" button or "Edit" link next to "Your Profile"
  3. Update the "Name" field
  4. Click the "Save" button
What do I do if I forget my password?
Click the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page. Follow the instructions for retrieving or resetting your Amazon seller account password. Once you have recovered or reset your password, you will then be able to login.

How do I create a thread, watch a thread, or post a reply?
To start a new thread, choose the appropriate forum and select "Post New Thread". Type your thread header in the subject line and type a message in the message box. Before you are about to post, you can spell check your message by clicking on the Spell Check icon.

When you are satisfied with your message, you can preview your message to see how it will appear when posted by clicking on Preview. Or you can post your message without previewing it by clicking Post Message.

You can also "watch" the thread (i.e., add it to your watch list and receive email notifications when new posts are made in it) by clicking the "Watch This Thread" link.

To post a reply to a message in a thread, click the "Reply" icon next to the message. If you want to respond to specific text from the original message, click on the "Quote Original" icon and that will add the text from the original post to your message.

How do I update my profile and view other user profiles?
To update your Seller Discussion Forums profile, click on the "Your Stuff" link. Under "Your Control Panel", you can update "Your Profile", "Your Forums Settings", and "Your Watches". To edit these settings, click on the appropriate link and make the desired updates.

To view the profile for any user who has posted to the forums, click on their Username wherever you see it as a link. You can also search for their Username using the "User Search" feature.

How do I search the forums?
From the main page of the Seller Discussion Forums, type your term(s) into the Search Forums box and click "Go". For an advanced search, click on the "Advanced search options" link, type your term(s) into the Search Terms box, select the category or forum you want to search, date range, results per page, and click the "Search" button.

When you are in a forum page, you can type your term(s) into the "Search Forum" search box and click "Go". The search results are presented on the advanced search page where you can sort your search by selecting "Relevance" or "Date" in the "Sort by" dropdown box.

What are watches?
A watch notifies you by e-mail if the thread you are interested in has been updated.

To add a thread to your watch list, click on the "Watch This Thread" link at the top of the thread page. Click on "Stop Watching Thread" to end the e-mail notifications. Watches automatically expire after 30 days of inactivity on the thread. You can also watch forums, categories and users.

To see the current list of watches you have created, click on "Your Stuff" then "Your Watches" under "Your Control Panel". From this screen you can also set your watch preferences and delete watches.

How can I format the text of my posts?
To format your message text, there are three buttons for Bold, Italics and Underline. Clicking on these buttons will add tags to the message field.

For example: "This is [b]bold[/b] text, and this is text in [i]italics[/i]" will appear as "This is bold text, and this is text in italics" once you post the message.

How do I check the spelling of my message?
To check the text of your message for proper spelling, click "Spell Check" icon on the post screen.

If the spell check dictionary does not recognise a word in your message, it will appear in a box. You can correct it yourself by typing over what is displayed. If the dictionary has any suggestions, you will be able to see them in the suggestion box.

To choose one of the suggestions, simply select the suggestion you'd like to use and click the "Change" button for each of the words you would like changed.

When you are finished checking your message, click "Post Message" to save your changes and post the message.

You have 15 minutes to edit a message once you've posted it. After 15 minutes, you can no longer edit the message. To edit a posted message, click the "Edit" link.

What is Amazon Seller Discussion Forums Recognition?
What makes Amazon Seller Discussion Forums great? You do, with your meaningful participation, and we'd like to recognise you for it. The forums remember each of your efforts to help your peers as you collaborate to solve a problem. The more we help one another, the more we learn, the stronger becomes our community.

With Amazon Seller Discussion Forums recognition, icons convey the extent to which a user has been actively supporting the forums users. It's our token of appreciation for contributions to the success of our seller community, and a set of milestones for you, as you journey through Amazon Seller Services to innovate.

How does Amazon Seller Discussion Forums Recognition work?
  1. Question authors post the first message in a thread and designate the thread as a "Question".
  2. Users respond to Questions by posting a "Question Answer" within the same thread.
  3. Question authors read the Answers and for each Question they can designate up to 2 responses as "Helpful Answers" and 1 as a "Correct Answer".
  4. The users who post Correct or Helpful Answers each receive 5 points per Helpful Answer and 10 points per Correct Answer.
  5. These points are summed for each user, generating a "Score."
  6. Certain Scores correspond to "Score Levels" and generate special icons for users who achieve those Levels.
What are Questions?
In order to filter through the general discussion "noise", users have the option to flag their post as a question. This provides the community a visual clue to the fact that the poster is seeking an answer to his/her question. Question authors are able to see their open & resolved questions in their profiles.
- no points available on this question
- points still available on this question

What are Question Answers?
When a user posts a question, other users can post an answer. In some cases, the answer is just a hint, or information that helps the poster resolve the issue. This is classified as a "Helpful" post (). In other cases, a user will post the specific answer to the original question. This is classified as a "Correct" post (). The author of the post can mark each response as either "Helpful" or "Correct", or decide not to mark a response at all. The author of the post can also "close the loop" on the question by marking the entire thread as answered (), which provides a visual clue to users. All users can vote on the helpfulness of replies to questions also, using the "Yes" or "No" button below each reply.

What is my Score and how is it calculated?
Your individual score is the number of points awarded to you over time for helpful and correct answers.

Correct answer, as marked by the post author = 10 points
Helpful answer, as marked by the post author = 5 points
Helpful vote, as marked by other users = 1 point

Example: If a user received 50 votes from other users for helpful answers, 10 votes from post authors for helpful answers, and 5 votes for correct answers, the user's score would be 150.
Note: "No" votes for "Was this reply helpful?" do not affect a user’s score.
What are Score Levels?
As you accumulate points, you will progress through the following score levels, and receive the associated icons.

You can view your Score Level by Forum, Category, or at the main Community level.
Required Points Seller Forums Score Level Icon
2000 Ace
750 Expert
300 Guide
50 Enthusiast
5 Newbie