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Name: gone round the bend  
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Registered: 06 Nov, 2012 11:46 PM
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Re: I have listed my item and all information required and I can't finish the l
Don't know why but there will be something you have missed, it's not always obvious.
Re: New books with condition notes
I use 'add new condition', copy and paste the existing notes, then I go back and delete the existing...
Re: Low selling of a HOT selling item.
Have you tried using a variety of different search terms to see if your item comes up every time? Am...
Re: What % of your buyers leave feedback?
Mine averages around 12 to 15%.
Re: Buyer insists he hasn't used returned item
Yes, it does. No harm in telling Amazon that the buyer misled you about the label, it shows their i...


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Sold two items recently - both in same category, both with shipping of £4.11, both to UK. First ite...
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Yesterday the expected dispatch date on my orders was today, now for today's orders it's Tuesday. Wh...
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I sent an order off yesterday using collect plus via the amazon 'buy delivery' link, I thought it wa...