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The Pink Panther
Name: The Pink Panther  
Status Level: Ace (28,050)
Registered: 06 Nov, 2012 8:32 AM
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Re: Why are private sellers being frozen out of selling on Amazon?
What many are missing is the fact these individual sellers and small business sellers tend to be als...
Re: Rerun
You can't charge a restocking fee, if return request is within 30 days then against Amazon policy to...
Re: Your Best Guess Please
Are your keyrings scented :)
Re: Threatening bad feedback
Unlikely any negative feedback would be removed, unless it was abusive? Why not explain the situati...
Re: Amazon buyer support just as bad as seller support
No problem, it's frustrating, I asked about the seller/site as it's against Amazon policy and illega...


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Condition notes are no longer accepted for new products 2 Feb 2017 Effective 22 February 2017, the ...
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