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It will be easier to source new stock now. I sell books bought mainly from second book shops and charities and during lockdown could not add much. A problem I have noticed when repricing, is that a number of my books show as active but when I click to see what other sellers are selling the specific book for, I notice a big blank, my book nor anybody else’s is showing For Sale. An example is 9781482516685 : Hagakure - Book of the Samurai. Don’t understand it at all, any one with insight as to why this is happening?


Hi Simones-books

Whereas Hagakure - Book of the Samurai turns up in multiple editions from a search by name, Amazon doesn’t seem to admit to any copies with that ISBN. It might be something to do with Createspace having other editions, or something, but I couldn’t tell. Other platforms offer that ISBN

My current bugbear has been 2 recent instances of different books with the same ISBN (according to Az) - one instance being a different author/title but the same publisher and year and the other being the same title and author but different publishers and years.

Of course the customers wanted the one I didn’t have!

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That is weird and sounds like a glitch. I would ask Amazon what’s going on. There seem to be so many issues affecting booksellers, it’s getting beyond a joke.


A few possible explanations spring to mind.
One is that Amazon designers are completely incompetent and unable to maintain a decent book catalogue. Seems unlikely.

Another is that non-Kindle books that Amazon itself does not stock are very low priority.
A third is that Amazon is deliberately ‘deprecating’ the used and OOP book market section of marketplace and slowly turning away sellers (along with buyers) of such books.
Maybe it’s a combination of all three…or something else entirely?

Whatever the reason, I think it’s been going on too long for us to expect a happy resolution.
Amazon’s lack of action against bogus duplicate dropshippers speaks volumes…


Sod’s Law! I also sell on biblio so someone might one day buy the Hagakure, used to be on abebooks but decided to leave, £30 every month for few sales if any, was costing me money for little return.
All the best


I agree but as it is not a major problem though annoying, not worth contacting amazon who will not do anything about it anyway, Cheers Simone.


Curses!!! The ‘Listing Quality Dashboard’ has made an unwelcome re-appearance. Now including demands for such details that are so totally relevant to books: Bottom Style; Closure type; Sleeve type; Paint type; Shape.
And we thought that someone at Amazon had had second thoughts & taken it down. Should have known better.


Yes, I have just noticed it too.
I have 3 pages of them, but many of them are items that I no longer have as sold eons ago ! - what is going on ?!

Also, I have posted on the ‘Merge’ thread again as getting absolutely nowhere with that.
They won’t merge because the attributes don’t match, but of course they don’t because some numpty has put publication dates of 1600 or 1705, and opening a case is just a waste of time as had they same reply twice. Grrr.


“I no longer have as sold eons ago !”
I know it is - allegedly - possible to delete old listings from your ‘Inactive’ inventory - but the only ones that show in my inventory only date back to 9/19 (400 pages). Deleting anything older is tedious & sooooo time-wasting. A bulk delete of old records ought to be possible.


I’m not sure numpty is the right description!
‘Evil, conniving, dropshipper-enabling, site-wrecking vandal’ might be nearer the mark. :slight_smile:


I did have a few choice names in my head, but I was trying to be gracious !:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Do You have any luck when notifying them of incorrect images? I have a number where the title and description match and the images is for a totally different book and author. I am continually flagging these up and nothing changes. It is no wonder these do not sell. For example 9780099596257 hardback copy.


I have had no success whatsoever for months when requesting any corrections whatosever - incorrect images, dates, even mis-spelt titles etc.
Zilch, and now they won’t accept merges for the duplicates with nonsense dates it is a lost cause.


Amazon have got much worse in recent months and now don’t seem to accept any proof at all for corrections. I’ve been doing it for 10 years and have now given up. I can’t see how things will improve for customers in the future as we watch the catalogue gradually deteriorate and can do nothing about it.


I’ve been selling books on here for almost 14 years, and it has deteriorated beyond belief.


In view of the reappearance of LQD I have written to the email address I quoted 4 days ago to ask exactly what is the point of this new feature. I suggest all other booksellers write too in a similar vein because there is obviously something seriously afoot with it. I quoted 2 examples, one book has ‘underpants’ in the title, the other ‘loudspeaker’. The attributes it wanted suggested that I was actually selling underpants and loudspeaker, so maybe some unsophisticated search bot just picks a key word in the title and acts accordingly. In which case the whole exercise is a total farce.


An addendum; I have just noticed that I sold the underpants book 3 years ago and have no plans to sell it again, there are no copies available at the moment although there have apparently been 37 page views in the last 30 days.


Here is the email address I wrote to:

I wonder what sort of replies we shall get…

BTW my sales have slowed drastically over the last week too.


I’ve almost given up trying to get anything corrected - even the binding - as it has become so difficult. Trying to upload an image in support of the request is a nightmare - inevitably “a fault has occurred, please try again”. No doubt it is deliberate policy. It took ages to get ‘Signed copy’ removed from a title, something that anyone with a half a grain of commonsense would realise is inappropriate & inaccurate for the vast majority of those books being listed.


I have given up, I now delete my copy and put it on Ebay - life is too short and I don’t need the added stress. I hate the cut and paste responses that bear no relevance to the original query.

I know that that isnt the right attitude and I really do applauded all of those people who keep plugging away but Amz have won and I have just given up :frowning: