FBA Fees seem massively high


?! - so not actually a CE or UKCA ?


Oh no there is CE as well as the other two so there is 3 altogether.


So there is …CE…FCC…RoHS


And have you seen the proof of them as your listing shows you as the manufacturer so it should be you doing the testing…


and UKCA mark now that we have left EU ?

and just to check its the CE mark like the picture on the left - not the right



I have asked them to send me it over.


Yes the left mark and not the right


I have changed all the weight and sizes now but my FBA fee is still the same.


I just want to say thanks again because not only now I am learning but also learning a lot of future products before I buy etc so thank you… Learning everyday on here thats for sure.


Be careful with this type of product. I’m in the motor trade personally and have dealt with many code readers over the years, to give you a bit of advice (for what it’s worth), your product description talks about a “CEL” light, in the UK, this is known as an “EML” (Engine Management Light). I think you’ll struggle to sell this using the above terminology

You’ll also find that these products are notoriously high for returns based on the fact that they can be plugged in, used one to check a fault code and then sent back to you (if I were you, make sure the packaging cannot be opened easily if this is still an option to try and minimise this)

This market is also VERY saturated already, what makes your code reader stand out from the rest? From your description you state that your product offers “Live data” if that’s the case it could be a key USP depending on the price point as most other types of this product will not offer this function.

Have you done your background research on the market and comparable products? If so, who are you aiming this product at and how can you make your listing appeal to that audience better?

I hope you don’t see this as negative, just trying to pass on some support where I can


This is precisely why I always advise sellers to sell stuff they know something about
I didn’t even know these types of devices existed outside a garage


Unfortunately I can rant on about these for hours. They’re readily available in places like Halfords / Motor factors & even most petrol stations now, They’re priced at the consumer normal <£20 and are designed for the “weekend warriors” that try to fix their own cars. The problem with these products is that they’ll tell you the “fault code” (which is literally a code like P50601). This means nothing to anyone and then the “have a go hero” will spend hours googling the code and end up down a rabbit hole attempting to replace parts they know nothing about to find out it hasn’t fixed the problem, blame the code reader and end up taking the car to a professional anyway…

Rant over (I blame you @The_Little_Shop for starting me off :smile:)


Thanks for everyone advise and Rants as someone kindly put it…I actually paid someone to do my adverts etc and to be honest with you I have been flat out with actual full time business which is actually in Automotive/Motorsport so I know about these units… Like I said I am learning everyday about amazon selling as I am totally new to it…I thought everyone is on here to help each other not mouth off about a product people sell but help them when needs must… I have got to be honest this is something on the side for me but I am and want to push it massively and as of that like I have said before I appreciate everyones help and yes I agree with you lot… SO THANKS


PS I was only asking about fees not to be moaned at for a product I am selling!!


Thankyou… the little shop!


If that’s your own business too you need to tell your accountant about this venture for turnover , vat etc


Thanks but I have told them all about it yesterday and sent everything over to them… but thanks


Ah that’s good - at least you can leave it all in their hands

Did you manage to get amazon to reopen the legal entity section if your account to change to your ltd ?


Don’t think so… I think it is already but could be wrong!!


You should be able to check in settings - account info - identity information
If its ltd it will show and amazon will request your articles of association and shareholder docs, statutes etc
If its just your own name, you cannot list goods as new and they may suspend your account