Fees going up.....again!


Well from what you said it contradicts it lol you said pass it onto the customer lol

The issue is really the purpose of it was not for us to take the hit


I think my share prices increased as well as Jeffs, in fact the value of shareholder shares is what increased not the bank account of Mr. Bezos. I will of course have to pay the UK government Capital Gains Tax when I come to sell them and the proceeds will go in my bank account not Amazons. i think you’re a little confused when it comes to shares.


You had better not up the price of a £10 book by 20p then if you believe it will be seen as price gouging. I recently upped a few items by 20% due to increased raw material costs and nothing happened.


If you trawl back in announcements I’m sure you can find it.

Did you miss what was written in the first paragraph of the announcement? They have been absorbing the cost since Spring. Why should they absorb the cost when they can pass it on to us. If that position changes in the future I expect they will adjust it accordingly and increase fees through the back door but when my costs increase I too pass it on to my customers otherwise they wouldn’t get paid. I would assume costs you have incurred are also passed on to your customers or do you just add a profit margin and not bother paying your business expenses.


Yup…I trawled - couldn’t find it. :thinking:

Although I did find reference to increased fees in April this year outside of the digital services tax.

oh wow - so generous, and I said this because of your next sentence:

Many don’t or can’t. The marketplace usually determines what you can sell an item for, not the seller.

I have a profit margin (as all do) that’s dwindling with every increase in fees or push by the Amazon algorithms to push seller prices down. My prices have come down in the past 12 months because of the way Amazon is designed to do just that. You know it too. No matter how much you can try and justify the empire doing what they do. (Star Wars geek reference there)


Did you miss the point of the law?

It was supposed to make LARGE MULTINATIONALS pay their fair share of tax to support public services, NOT for them to shirk that responsibility and pass it on to us.

As per usual Amazon have completely ignored the spirit of the law and then made it look like they’ve been doing us all a favour by not making us pay THEIR tax until September.

There is no defense for a morally bankrupt company that uses public services when it suits them, but then constantly refuses to pay it’s fair share of tax to support those services… It’s not like they don’t have the money.


Oh there are plenty of apologists on here. Amazon want a timid seller base who don’t rock the boat. I’m surprised this topic is even allowed.


@Panda_Power great comment your right though, we are all here because we benefit from selling on amazon Margins aint great due to fees mostly but the volumes seem to out weigh
It will be interesting to see if the issue actually gets raised in Parliament by these MP’s as people have mentioned above the 2% Amazon are taking 0 hit except on their own lines which is a different story all together.


I got the price warnings (and ASIN closures) for items I had relisted at a lower price than they had previously sold for on Amazon.


Suspended for price gouging on 2 products only us and Amazon where selling here. Shower gels and we where selling for UK RRP and 25p and 45p cheaper than Amazons listings. Over 2 weeks and a rejected appeal to get back from that hideous crime as well!


My affected ASINs were/are in BMVD (CDs and DVDs, mainly).
Hardly the sort of essential items that anti-price gouging measures were supposed to counter!

Meanwhile, essential basics like flour and sugar continue to be plagued by outrageous price gouging.

Yet more evidence that Amazon’s algorithms are out of control.


What about Amazon’s own sales they WILL be paying the tax on? How is that passed onto us?


Yesterday I wrote to Amazon using the managing director email address complaining about this fee hike stating it was unethical etc etc. You may be amused at the response:


Thank you for sharing your time contacting us with your query.

This is ******* from Amazon.co.uk Customer Services. I picked up your e-mail and will do my best to help you.

I am sorry for inconvenience caused to you.

Further to your email, I would like to request you to contact the seller for better assistance and if you’d like to contact Seller Support, please click on the link below to visit Seller Central:


Laughable automated response but not in any way surprising.


This is different matter completely we are not talking about there items we are talking about how its been passed to us as a seller.


Amazon have stated that they will be scaling back on their own sales and expanding third party offers, therefore the burden of tax on 3p sellers will be more than 50%.

The intention of the law was that Amazon should pay 100% of it.

Besides, don’t you think Amazon will just hike fees up anyway at some point and make sure they cover their share of the tax in some other way?


Really ? - where did you see that ?


It hit the front page of The Times this morning and has sparked outrage amongst the powers that be. Even the seller forum was mentioned and quoted


I heard it live last week when the heads of the tech giants were hauled before congress.

Didn’t watch it all, it’s quite long and boring… fun to watch them squirm a bit though. I doubt anything much will change, these things tend to be just a dog & pony show, as the Americans say.


The UK Gov taxes businesses.
The businesses take those taxes into account when making projections - they become “Costs”.
Increases in Costs are then used to calculate Charges made by the businesses to their customers.

Amazon sellers will often accept price increases from Manufacturers and wholesalers. How that extra cost is managed depends on the seller but will often result in price increase to customers.

Amazon themselves do the same. What’s the difference?

What has me laughing my socks off is to see the same sellers in previous threads expound on the morality (the lack of it) of Amazon in avoiding Tax to such a great extent, are now crticising the government for now doing so ! ! !

BTW, to those that suggested it, just how do you think it is possible to stop a business from passing a “cost” (i.e. the tax) on the customers?