In order to further protect our customers' personal information, this page will not display the buyer's name


This message appeared last night on a banner above every order.

What’s the reason for this sudden change, I wonder?


I am seeing the same banner, but there is no indication of any fields being hidden or unavailable as a result of it:


first line of all the addresses have been removed.

So now, if a customer shuts off their ability to be contacted, and they buy off FBA, you have no way to contact them, not even send them a letter. Seems really crazy, cause customers won’t probably know this and continue to leave 1 star reviews only to expect you to send a replacement and even if you can match the order to the person…it’s no good cause you couldn’t send them a replacement even if you want to. This is going to cause stress I am sure.


To protect the personal details of those poor innocent dropshippers, obviously.


Yes, that was my first thought, but then the dropshippers will also not have their buyer’s name either.
Goodness, how else can you identify people except for by their name.
Totally bizarre.


That did cross my mind, even though I try to avoid conspiracy thinking…

Looking at past orders, it seems Amazon has simply removed the surnames of buyers from past orders. Where it read, say, ‘Jill Smith’ it now has just ‘Jill’.
More absurdly, where it originally had, say, ‘Dr Jones’ or ‘Mr Brown’ it now simply gives ‘Dr’ and ‘Mr’ as the buyer names.

The full name can still be seen on the address, so it seems utterly pointless.

It will, howver, make it that bit more difficualt to identify otherwise obvious dropshippers… :male_detective::thinking:


If it is FBA, the only message you have for them is to contact Amazon Customer Service. Do not get involve. Tempting that we might do a better job but hold yourself back. We already paid them for this.

you can still get the full detail from the VAT report.


Is this some sort of technical glitch or is it permanent? It doesn’t make any sense.


no. i first notice it a couple of months ago… the address no longer available after the dispatch under order view when one of the FBM order gone ashtray and we have to resend.

as we signed up for invoice by Amazon, so not that much a problem for us. Still got them under VAT report.


Has there been any official notification to sellers that this change was to take place? I don’t remember seeing anything? It seems such a pointless thing to do.


I quite agree, I thought Amazon didn’t allow dropshipping anyway?..


I don’t follow? Are you talking about retail arbitrage?


It’s allowed so long as it is done in a certain way.

Just a comment about those dropshippers that do not follow the Amazon policy linked to above, i.e. those sellers that create and list on bogus duplicate listings at inflated prices and when they get a sale they purchase from a seller that is listing at a realistic price on the correct listing and have it shipped directly to the customer. I only sell books but I’m sure this happens in other categories also.


Ah yeah, that’s retail arbitrage; it happened to me when buying some Miracle Grow plant food on eBay that shipped from Amazon! I personally don’t have too much of an issue with people doing this (perhaps because they’re not in our sector and therefore not treading on my toes — apologies if you have a different viewpoint).

If the buyer isn’t prepared to spend 10 minutes comparing prices (as in my case) then why not capitalise on it? The cheaper seller probably ends up bagging the sale anyway. The only person losing out is the buyer, who probably doesn’t care that they paid a little extra. Call me a raging capitalist but hats off to the enterprising folk out there who are making a living out of this :grinning:

Come to think of it…


To revert to the heading, I can see no justification in Amazon PARTIALLY redacting part of the buyer’s name. When they say ‘this page will not display the buyer’s name’ they then give either a forename, an initial or even Mr, Mrs or Dr. What earthly point is there in that? It doesn’t give the buyer any added protection. We simply have to know who is buying our product in order to fulfill the sale.


It does seem like every “improvement” Amazon have ever made to “protect” the personal details of their customers has had the effect of masking the actions of the usual suspects, going way back to when there was buyer feedback, and one could see if one’s buyer was also a seller…

But, like you, I don’t like conspiracy theories. I just think that there have been many abuses of buyer information which amazon presumably see as a greater problem than our concerns; but… unintended consequences :confused:


I use Brightpearl as a Management Tool and whilst the name is hidden in Amazon I can find it in Brightpearl!


Just seems bizarre… but then again this is Amazon, so expect the unexpected!


You can still get the buyer’s name and address in Order Reports



If you are FBA there is no need for you to have the customers details as its all sorted out by Amazon themselves.