Joining a friends Amazon business


I have a set up with 2 Amazon accounts. I recently sold one Amazon/Ebay business and transferred the ownership over (change of Legal entity) but the owner wanted me to stay on as a Director and support the transition, so I got him to add me as a user. I now support that business via the user account, for that service I receive remuneration. That business is registered at his address now not mine.

I then created a new business (another Ltd. company) with a friend an that is registered to my address. I can login to both Amazon accounts separately no problem and keep both businesses completely separate. I think it is easier in a Ltd company set up to do that.

So both businesses have different addresses, different bank accounts and different email addresses.

One issue using OBA though is that even with separate trading names the billing is all on one bank account. You would have to charge one company for the mailing service you provide with the other I think. You might be better trying to separate that, if you have Click and Drop without OBA you can pay separately using cards for each order, although it is not as easy as using OBA,


Are you thinking of adding your wooden jewellery to his furniture?
If it is similar items like that it may be a lot easier if it was treated as a supply - you invoice him for stock. Keep yourselves and your accounts seperate.
It will save a lot of paperwork and heartache in the long run


I think rule number 1 when dealing with Amazon is KEEP IT SIMPLE. I think what you’re trying to do, will only end with one result, both accounts being suspended.


This sounds like you are over complicating things from both an Amazon and Accounting perspective and it could come back to bite you further down the line.

My advice:-

Register the Ltd company (~£50) with 2 shareholders and directors and have one selling account. Simple. Company accounts can be done yourself as well as long as you keep it simple or use some bookkeeping software.


You can not have 2 accounts selling the same items.


I would strongly suggest not getting involved in this, all sounds quite strange. Amazon used to be a great selling platform but fee’s are high and there are a lot of scams now which eats into profits. If a business was going well why would anyone want an investor that in the end splits into the profit??


Hi, it is mostly me who is interested in restarting the business. I can see how the business would have better profitability if it went in a slightly different direction. We both have certain skills needed for this business to succeed. I could do it on my own but it would be harder and the end result wouldn’t be as good.


Hi thanks, I can see now setting up the Ltd company from the beginning is looking like the best option.


Hi his business was in golf products, mine in handmade products mostly wood boxes. So quite different.


thanks that’s good information. Looks like the best option is to setup an Ltd company from the beginning.

I didn’t realise only bank account was allowed with OBA as it just comes out through direct debit each month. My old click and drop account had multiple payment options as I remember so looks like a solution.

Thanks for the info, yeh click and drop was a pain having to process the payment for each order.


Hi thanks,

It seems the existing account has been closed due to inactivity - can you kindly advise what to do in this instance?

We would like to use the old brand name so opening a new Amazon Seller Account with a different name wouldn’t be an option. Opening a new Amazon Account with the old name would be ok - but I don’t know if this is possible?

The trademark on the brand has expired and the old Ltd company has since been disbanded.

Could you kindly advise on the best recommended course of action in this instance?

Many Thanks


Hello @MargoCraftShop ,

This is Ash from Amazon, and would assist you with your questions above.

So, you need to reactivate your old account which has been suspended.

To reactivate your account, kindly go to the Performance notification and find the notification at the time of account suspension.

If you have further questions, please keep us posted. The forums community and I, are here to assist you with your concerns.




Do not open a another account, as it will inevitably be linked to the old one, and you will be in a worse mess.

It won’t have been fully closed, only suspended/deactivated, and you cannot close a suspended account.
You will need to get the first one re-activated, I think, and then take it from there.


Presumably an account dormant due to inactivity should be easy enough to reopen - card details added and ID reverification ?!