Not a pleasant message from a Chinese seller


The same thing happened to me last night, they have bought all my stock and it is pending, i am awaiting action from amazon.


How can i remove the stock if it is pending? Im stuck in a cycle lol


Please, please and please. Report this to amazon, attach the message this seller sent you too. Amazon should block the seller’s account and the buyer account they used to buy all of your stock. They will do that if there’s any justice left on this platform. I don’t know how a seller can be this foolish, they bought all of their competitor’s products, left it pending and they even admitted to it? wow! If amazon didn’t act here then they might as well just scrap the garbage they wrote in seller university and other t&cs
Please keep us posted too.


I have sent this evidence to Amazon and I am awaiting a response, i got the exact same message its strange with a completely different product and category


I’m not sure you can now. What is the order status currently? has it moved to ‘shipping’? FBA or FBM?


FBA and its just stuck in “PENDING”


FBA, you might have to contact SS for that. Cancelling yourself might affect your account health.
Also you might need to set customer limits on this item so that stuff like this isn’t repeated.


I changed it to 2 and he did seperate orders of 2’s.


so how many did he/she buy in total? did they admit to it too?


I have temporarily made your ASIN B082R6YVCH unsaleable.You must stop selling the ASIN within 24 hours in Amazon Seller Dashboard.If not, we will automatically purchase this ASIN and other ASINs which have a great influence on your sales amount in your store, report to Amazon that you are selling fake products, your right to sell will be removed and you will receive a serious warning from Amazon.We have 7 * 24 hours amazon anti - selling monitoring system, Don’t doubt our ability and determination for you. If you have a lot of inventory, you can sell and process the inventory again after 40 days.”

They sent this message.

They’ve bought 60 in total which is everything.



That is possible, but they did not say that. It is also in Cinese writing, so had to be translated. So, looks suspicious. It is a UK forum, so even if a Seller in China, this should all be in English.




And where did you buy your CCHOME products from ?
And again, did they have a barcode and brand on them ?


If you look at that ops previous posts, they do always post in english


It wasn’t CCHOME, it was a completely seperate product and category not related at all, it must be a standard spam response from chinese sellers.


There are many, many sellers on AliExpress selling the same item. None of the ones i looked at were easily traced to the TM owner of CCHome. It may well be possible to buy from a supplier who buys from another supplier who supplies that brand and had extra ready to go.


That’s the ASIN you posted though ?!

Whats the asin of your product ?


But no they didn’t have a barcode on, perhaps it was my fault for listing on their product but I didn’t recall seeing a brand i just saw that my product matched that product


You cannot just find a picture that looks the same and list - you must use the product barcode


Sorry, i reposted the OPs text as it was the same as mine minus the ASIN and was quicker , my asin is B08XVQPJCB



That shows the brand on the listing and in the title as Fadun