Selling books on Amazon


And presumably the drop-shippers and scammers are not given the red carpet there like they are here…


Personally, I have found the opposite to be the case. And whilst I don’t wish to encourage the competition, you’re all very welcome to stay here on Amazon, it’s perhaps worth noting that my turnover for the last 30 days on that popular auction site was 140 times my Amazon turnover in the same period. Same stock listed on both sites. Though which site is best probably depends a lot on the kind of books you are selling.


This is what an American dealer told me. They sneeze and we catch it.

"well, they raised that fee to $1.80 (£1.43) in the US a few years ago -

so you are still getting off cheaper than on"


Late to the party, but my first thought was “that depends on the megas being subject to the same terms as the rest of us”… which I’m afraid I don’t believe at all; given that they certainly don’t appear to be subject to the same conditions, why would their terms be the same…?


Abe is still owned by Amazon (parent company) and linked at the bottom of every page. :laughing: