Shipping override information frustration


I have been hugely unsuccessful in getting advise regarding shipping override.

I opened a case and a seller support from cape town answered the call

She left me even more confused. At least when I opened the case, I knew abc of it, I only wanted an elaboration on some defenitions like “true” false" and about adding on more shipping options

But this woman went on about migration etc and I don’t understand what she is talking about. After delving deeper, I realised she herself didn’t know what she is talking about!!! She said I will look up and be back and she didn’t have an answer for even the old format

Now what upsets me is why are seller support hanging on to cases they have no clue about. If I were working in an office, and I don’t know something, I would immeditaley pass this on to someone who knows. And then train myself. This case has been sitting with this woman for more than 72 hours and each time she calls me, she still doesnt know

now if I open a new case, it would get merged and stay again with this woman!

I am desperately wanting the case closed so that I could open a fresh case, prayng hard that someone who knows would pick it up and walk through this thing.

Anyways what is this migration, more importantly can I work on the older format? And what do the words “true” and “false” mean. Can I add more shipping options and how do I mark them “true” or “false”.

Many thanks
(I think we must be receiving chunk of the subscription fees for supporting one another because 9/10 advise and guidance has been from other sellers!!)


If you have migrated to the new shipping settings, you create your own templates for shipping prices for different SKUs, so the majority of your items can have one price, whilst others can differ. You also create different templates for different delivery regions.

Once you have migrated you cannot go back or use the Shipping Override file any more.

If you have not yet migrated you can use the Shipping Override template file to change the shipping prices of some of your SKUs from your normal delivery price. You can also use the Override file to restrict delivery of specific SKUs to UK only, for example. In that file, as with most things, TRUE means YES and FALSE means NO.

Say you wanted to restrict SKU ABC1 to UK only delivery
In column “SKU” type ABC1
In column “Ship Option 1” type Std UK Europe 1
In column “IsShippingRestricted1” type TRUE - as you do not want to ship that SKU to Europe

repeat this for all the other regions in columns IsShippingRestricted 2, 3 4 etc

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