UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


Prepared a FBA shipment & printed off UPS shipping label. When arranging collection UPS advise additional charge apply.
We had this once before, some time ago, & if I remember rightly, the work around was to enter an old valid tracking number on UPS when arranging collection.
Can any body confirm this & is anyone else having this problem?

UPS now charging for collections?
UPS now charging for collections?

That would explain what is happening on the thread below, although the sellers there are saying that it is UPS that are re-using tracking numbers and not themselves.


and just to add to this
several of mine were reused numbers but i was not charged for my collection
i organise my collections over the phone


I have just had my collection. How do you know you did not get a charge? Thanks


because i organise it over the phone and when i give the details it says ‘there is no charge for this collection;’


Just booked todays UPS with a tracking number from yesterdays inbound for the free collection. Thanks for the tip.


I will start doing that again. I had forgotten about that tip.

Has anyone ever been charged the £2?


I’ve just seen £2.40 charge appear on the UPS site for collection of 5 cartons. I’ve never seen this before.

I tried the above work around and yes, it then shows £0 collection charge.

So is there a glitch, or has there been a policy change?


Sometimes it’s the tracking numbers that don’t have the “59” somewhere near the start. On my collection today the 1st tracking number I used didn’t have the usual format including the 59, and it said I’d be charged, so I swapped it for another one on the same shipment that did have the usual format, and all good.


Interesting -
so this format of tracking number attracts a collection charge - 1Z15F90868…
and this one is free collection - 1Z59A99468…

So are you saying you can bung any historic valid tracking number into UPS, as long as it starts 1Z59 and the collection will be fine and free?



Void the shipping charges on the prepare shipment page.
Calculate the shipping and accept.
Print out new labels which will have new tracking numbers.
Test the numbers in UPS before attaching to your boxes.

This worked. Got new tracking numbers which ups accepted as no charge.


Anyone else getting the 1Z15F9086 labels this morning on UPS rather than the IZ59 ones . We’ve been trying since last night - entering and voiding . UPS stating there is an additional charge for the IZ15 codes


yes my labels are 1Z15F…


UPS wanting to charge us additional. We’ve had previously but it righted itself after a while. I have got one from yesterday with IZ59 so UPS are booked to collect today against that one
A few people have said that they used a IZ59 number from same shipment/collection to book the IZ15F onto the UPS system. Have you tried that and has your box arrived safely at fulfilment centre


Yes, we have been getting the same - annoying!


same here asking for payment when we tried to book.
amazon support said no fees to pay all covered in the fee they charged us - but all very well if you cant book it.

  • luckily the UPS truck normally pulls up outside to do local deliveries - and we can normally just give him unbooked parcels if we see the driver.


Use an old tracking number


I assume you have done this in the past ? Did delivery arrive at fulfilment centre without any problems ?


I am having the same problem. UPS is chargins £2.40 only for collection of one box weighing 15kg.


I do it all the time with no issues, it’s only for booking the collection in, doesn’t affect your parcel