UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


I have done this too


Good news on this side. UPS have just collected - scanned the 1Z15 codes and away he went. YAY!!


Same issue for me today. Both shipments generated the 1Z15 tracking ID and wanted £2.40 collection fee. I’ve picked pay by cash and will see what happens when UPS turn up!


Even more good news - the shipments now showing correctly in the tracking page with all the boxes/codes completed. Still waiting on SS though!


Yesterday I’ve only had one box to be sent out so I went to drop it to our nearest UPS point as I couldn’t even made a £2.40 payment for collection. Today I have booked a collection using an old tracking number from previous shipments and it went through, just waiting to see if the driver shows and will let you know if this worked for us too. I read some old posts which says that in some cases collections were cancelled. Will see…


can you send him to me in Lancashire :joy:- our driver is MIA

We have just watched him go to the unit across the park, look in our direction and drive back out of the park - depot manager does not answer the phone

if you ring UPS, they simply say, “do you want me to rebook collection for tomorrow” :rage:


When I used previous/duplicate tracking numbers, the driver was a no-show.

Other thing to point out is the system was not accepting card payment of the £2.40, so we’ll see what happens with the cash pick up.


You can create an account on their website for small businesses
Then all charges go to your account.


There shouldn’t be any charges though


Thanks, but I don’t want charges as this is a pre-payed service!


My UPS driver turned up, didn’t hear him scanning any barcodes but took the lot


Mime took all of my parcels all with the new barcode prefix. Was watching his scanner as he scanned nothing came up to say there was a charge.


Same happening with me.

Any solutions please anyone?


Mine were collected fine yesterday and had an attempted delivery at the fba warehouse at 4am this morning


Think that’s more cos they’re too busy and are struggling for space to pick anything up


Perhaps if they did not put Amazon to the bottom of the pile as well… I got told "We have to think about OUR UPS customers, if UPS and Amazon have an agreement that is up to them,…

I am in the middle of a battle between UPS depot and head office - I get everyone is busy, but the driver rocked up on Tuesday, said, (with empty van), if I take you, I cannot take my customers - so I am not loading your stuff on.


I get that, I’m in Lancashire too and I know they’ve been struggling for ages. Mind you all my boxes are getting bigger and bigger from the suppliers so I do understand they don’t want to take many


My UPS driver just scanned my 2 shipments and took them away with no issues.

I just picked ‘Pay by Cash’ during the pick up scheduling, but he didn’t ask for anything.


It doesn’t seem bad down here in Birmingham. They don’t seem to be struggling too much at the moment.

Collections are still happening when requested and even when I have big collections there are no grumbles from the UPS driver and they take everything I ask of them.


Can anyone confirm? :thinking: