UPS want to charge for collecting FBA collection


Same problem here. Four boxes all had the chargeable code on. Booked them all with an old tracking code for free collection and now sat waiting for UPS to see what happens next. Hopefully it is my usual driver…


I’ve just got through to UPS again, the agent said that Amazon is no longer collecting the charges from us and passing them on to UPS. This happened about a week and a half ago, so I guess around the 9th Nov 2021, Amazon did not tell UPS this but UPS saw a rise in customers calling them about the issue. So if we want collection, we need to pay UPS from now on.


Good to see that UPS Support are as capable as Amazon Support.


I am disgusted (but not surprised) that Amazon haven’t even managed to make an announcement in their news feed about the issue, whether we should be paying or not. Whether it’s even being looked into. Yet they have managed to announce new Product Types and Attributes again today. I WANT A POA FROM THEM!!!


@ The_Little_Shop

With all due respect (and I mean that sincerely with the amount of help, support and advice you offer on this forum), I don’t think your advice is helping in this specific instance. Advising people to use an old code for collection to avoid a charge is providing a workaround to a currently broken system.

If everyone switches to this method, it will cause a multitude of problems, the main one being people will stop complaining to Amazon, so Amazon won’t do anything to fix the issue. There is also a serious concern, that sooner or later UPS will pick up on the fact you are booking collections using an old tracking number you aren’t actually sending a parcel for. Eventually they may will look into the volume of collections against tracking numbers and hit you with a big bill for all the historic charges you have effectively defrauded them out of collecting. Sorry that sounds harsh, but it is technically what you are currently doing.

By encouraging people to follow this example, it increases the chances of UPS identifying a method that denys them of income and taking action against people using fraudulant tracking numbers to avoid paying them - because it will end up adding up to a significant amount of money for them.

A better idea while Amazon sort this out (hopefully!) would be to either bulk your collections into a single day to minimise the cost of collection, or drop off at a local shop.

All IMHO of course ;0)


Myself and many others have been using old collection numbers for months just out of habit so I can’t really see that causing any charge to suddenly appear.

I still think people should contact amazon but the issue seems to be getting support to actually understand the problem


The advice I gave - as have many others - was the same advice given to me when this same issue happened back in March

Here’s my post from further up the thread

There was also a response from a mod saying that they are looking into the problem

Obviously going forward, if this is a new collection charge, it will be added regardless of the tracking numbers used but will hopefully be sorted one way or another soon

When this happened in March, it was also due to a change in the format of tracking numbers - probably needed to change them as recently many, including my own, were reused tracking numbers

Here’s the post from March where they changed TO the 1Z59A numbers


I’ve just joined FBA via one of Amazon’s promotions (for sellers who want to try FBA for the first time), where Amazon offer to pay for the first few inbound shipments. I have just now created my second-ever inbound shipment, and when I printed out the shipping label it came up with the charge of 0.00 …but then of course when I went onto the UPS website to book a pickup it wanted to charge me the £2.40.

But as with @The_Little_Shop, I found that when I rang UPS and gave them my (1Z15Fxx) tracking number, they never asked for payment.

Having said that though, both times that I’ve rung, the guy on the phone seems to have been taken by surprise by my call wanting to arrange a pickup for a box. (Er, isn’t that what UPS do all day?!)

The call starts out with the automated collection-booking system, but when it gets to asking my phone number is says “Sorry, I am having a problem” (or words to that effect), and then puts me through to a human. He doesn’t do the usual corporate blah of “Good morning/afternoon” or confirming that I’ve got through to UPS. He just answers with “Oh. Hello? I apologise for the bad line. My name is Trevor. How can I help?” At which point I say that I would like to arrange for a pickup of a prepaid package. Then there is a short pause, and after saying “OK…”, Trevor then sounds like he’s reading from a script or sequence of instructions on screen. The first time I used the system it sounded so dodgy and unprofessional that I wondered if it even was UPS that I’d got through to, but sure enough next day the package was collected, and still with no mention of a fee. And then my package was eventually successfully delivered to the fulfilment centre. The only hitch was that before the driver arrived they rang me up to ask my address, because whoever booked the pickup (Trevor) had only entered my postcode, and not my house number.

So I’m wondering if UPS are using some general ‘offshore’ overflow phone answering service to take the pickup-booking phonecalls at this busy time of year. That might explain some of the chaos and ignorance, which of course is added to the general chaos and ignorance of Amazon’s and UPS’s own systems and staff.

But yeah, my experience has been that I haven’t tried - or even needed - to hack the system; I’ve just been kicked out of the automated phone system, then diverted to Trevor who asks me for the tracking number and books me for a free collection the next day.

I find it unbelievable how inconsistent all of our different experiences are. It appears that Amazon genuinely intend my shipping to be 100% free (at least while they try to hook me on using FBA), and yet UPS are trying to slap an extra collection charge onto Amazon’s supposedly pre-paid service. But Trevor obviously doesn’t know or care about an extra charge, so it appears that the service you get will literally depend on who you speak to.


Although using old collection numbers seems to work, I’m reluctant to do this on an ongoing basis.

It doesn’t address the issue, and doesn’t sit will with me as if everyone starts doing this UPS will surely clock onto it and end up invoicing everyone.

I’ve created a UPS account and will just suck up the £2.80 charge until it’s fixed.


C’mon Amazon sort this out.

In todays world this can be sorted out in a day, for it to be like this for a while seems like this has been left as is due to some sort of dispute between Amazon and UPS.


when it happened in March it took over 3 weeks
back then, it was because the tracking numbers changed from 1ZA1Y… to 1Z59A…
Now they’ve changed again from 1Z59A…
probably due to many of them being reused
presumably all it requires is for UPS to tick a box stating that all tracking numbers starting 1Z15F (the new numbers) , are free collection


Each time I’ve tried lately there was a £2.40 collection fee. However yesterday I put 3 in for collection (grouped 3 x tracking numbers together and did not book them seperate) and there was no charge (despite when trying with ONE of those same numbers alone they tried charging). Bizarre! Later on I realised I needed to book one more box in and it subsequently tried to charge £2.40. But as they are already coming today for the other 3 I decided not to book it in and will just hand it to the driver - as long as I make sure he scans each box in there should be no issue.

£2.40 isn’t much, but if you send 15 boxes a week it’s going on £2k a year. Some of you send dozens a day which is the equivalent of a staff salary! Hopefully it’ll be the same as the previous issue and iron itself out eventually.


It should still only be per collection, not per box


Ahh, yes silly me! Still adds up though :blush:


Thanks, that’s a massive help.


Yes, I had a issues with today. When you go to the online system it ask me to pay. Then after I called UPS Today. They said Amazon hasn’t paid the bills to UPS and they stop collection . They said they are waiting for updates today. They ask me to pay for collection again. But I refused . Because I already paid.


I paid the collection charges by debit card when arranging a collection at the beginning of the week, up until last Thursday the payments were pending in the bank account and checking the companies bank account today it would appear that the collection surcharge was never taken. The payment to UPS no longer shows and the balance is as it should be without the payments being made.


Has this been resolved yet?

I just got an invoice from UPS for £2.75 for the consignment I shipped last week.


Yes , I’ve sent 3 shipments this week with no charge using the new tracking numbers


I am just arranging my FBA shipment and UPS want to charge me about £175 for 5 boxes and normally I have no charge - is this normal