Valid Tracking Rate


I’m in the same boat here, we send all items by RM48 and the 2D barcode is sent to Amazon direct from RM ‘Click and drop’. So my VTR should be 100% right?

Well it’s at 79%, getting warning emails from Amazon.

I downloaded the VTR report and all the ‘No Valid Tracking’ orders are the ones that RM postman/woman hasn’t scanned at delivery point. So no scan from RM postman/woman counts against your VTR score.

I think I’ll have to change over to RM Tracked 48 / 24 to fix this as it’s scanned during the route, but it’s more expensive than standard 24/48.


I’m in exactly the same boat. using RM48 and 2D barcode through our packing partner. Last week was at 100% for the first time, this week 82%. In the last 8 months no items have been reported missing by customers
Today I got my first warning about being less than 95%.
I’m at a loss at what to do, sent them an email asking for advice, will post reply from there but there is something seriously wrong with the system.
Amazon, please sort this out.


I have also emailed Amazon, let’s see what they say.

It makes to sense, my Late Dispatch Rate is at 0%, but VTR 79%.

The main issue is RM48/24 and the 2D barcode isn’t a real tracking system, just a delivery confirmation (which the postie needs to scan at delivery).

I will speak to my RM manager tomorrow and get Tracked 48 added to ‘Click and Drop’ and send Amazon orders via that service, unless this fix this…


I just pop a stamp on my large letter ones. I have them marked as Royal Mail 1st Class when I dispatch them and it means my VTR is N/A. I would have to be careful if I sent anything tracked to make sure that it was considered a valid tracking so it wouldn’t screw up my VTR (so most likely using special delivery which gets scanned a number of times, signed for sometimes only gets scanned on delivery which according to Amazon isn’t good enough for VTR purposes).


Yep. Got my first warning today which Amazon decided to send me 10 times for some reason? I’ve tracked everything since march but only at 82%. This VTR policy seems a bizarre way to go in my opinion…I haven’t seen one definitive explanation from Amazon anywhere, about how 95% VTR rate can be reached. It’s impossible. I worked for Royal mail for 23 years and I can tell you this, if you expect the popstie to be scanning all these packets you’re mental. When I worked there they used to rip off the recorded delivery stickers so they didn’t have to hang around for people to sign them. I don’t reckon they’ve got any better since then. All we need at the end of the day, is the idiot who came up with this VTR to come and explain it. I’ll wait…


Amazon’s reply ‘We contacted the responsible team to complete the investigation. We will get back to you as soon as we have an answer.’


I am planning to have a word with Royal Mail, the conversation below is how I am sure it will “go”,

Me: … Hello, … Royal Mail, this is 50Crates, you know, that seller on Amazon, I wanted to talk to you about my VTR…Can you have a word with your Post"Persons", they are not getting my scans done when they deliver my orders.

Royal Mail: What service do you use, ……sir,?

Me: … You should know, I send enough of them, 15 most days, ask someone in your office, they’ll know.

30 secs later

Royal Mail: No, I’ve asked everyone, some say that your name rings a bell…

Me: … "Rings a Bell ", Ha,ha, That’s a good one, Rings a Bell, that’s the Post”Persons” Job, but you are onto the right track. …… Right. …… I send them by Royal Mail 48, I don’t use the 24 one, too expensive by my customers…

Royal Mail: Very Good sir, You use one of our budget ranges of postage… and what can I do for you today…

Me: Well when they are " Ringing The Bell ", can you ask your Post”Persons” to get the Barcode on the envelopes Scanned,…only they’re not doing it often enough… it’s for my VTR… you know Amazon……V…… T…… R …

Royal Mail: V…T…R, What exactly is that…s i r?

Me :… It the most important thing in my life right now, If, I don’t get it scanned, Amazon will, tell me off… If you could have a word with your Post"Persons", I’m sure it’ll be no trouble.

Royal Mail: Sir, Because you are an important customer, only because you mail 15 Letters a day, LARGE LETTERS, I’m going to get on the phone right now. I’ll ring around each delivery office and we’ll have a special briefing early tomorrow morning, and I’m make sure that you as one of our best customers deserves better service, and I’ll make sure that every envelope delivered by every Post"Person" gets a scan. I’m really sorry for our error, it won’t happen again.

Me: I knew I could always rely on Royal Mail.

… and ever since that remarkable Telephone call, no envelope was delivered by any Post"Person" to any customer ever again without ever getting the scan the envelope so justly deserved…

and Post"Persons" all over UK went to bed and slept a little more soundly each night, safe in the knowledge of a job well done…


I just received my first “warning” email this morning that my tracking is below 95%. Considering most of the books I sell are less the £5 each by the time Amazon take their cut on the book AND the postage usually I’ve had to absorb some of the cost of the postage hence hardly any profit to speak of. If I increase the cost of the book to cover then I get an email saying they’ve removed the book due to price being too high. Totally stupid policy. I’ve been selling on Amazon for 20 years and have rarely had a book go missing without tracking. Also this is what their “policy” says in part

“While orders with tracking tend to receive fewer A-to-z Guarantee claims and better seller feedback ratings, there is no direct penalty for not meeting the tracking performance target at this time”


You don’t need to send fully tracked- using stamps is exempt


That’s good to know. I was tempted to apply, but was wary in case it was going to be another ‘jump through these hoops - now dance! Now beg!’ Amazon experience.


Same. Grrr, it’s so unfair. I don’t think they have any clue how this affects us.


We send 100% tracked Click and drop labels but VTR says 85%. Amazon see from integration that a stamp has been paid for and despatched. Please amazon sort this out.


I have some products that can only go freight so there is no tracking, any idea what I’m supposed to do about them?

Email from Amazon last night, generic but nonetheless! My VTR is 88.57%

We have identified that your Valid Tracking Rate for seller-fulfilled orders in select categories has dropped below the 95% requirement. If your Valid Tracking Rate continues to be below 95%, we may remove the listings for your seller-fulfilled items in the affected categories on


Hi, are you saying you send all items Royal Mail Tracked 24 or 48 and still your VTR says 85%.

Or are you using Royal Mail 24/48 (CRL) ?


I use CRL and BPL. This should be enough as it is tracked out and tracked at the far end if the postman scans it. The customer can see that it has been posted and by what service.


Hello Makers,

Amazon is working with Royal Mail to improve scanning, but in the meantime, if you use 1st or 2nd class Royal Mail shipping services, and your VTR drops below 95%, you will not be penalized (ASINs will not be suppressed). You should still input the tracking ID if you are given one, and then Amazon will check to make sure the tracking ID is valid, and will exempt you from suppressions.

We hope this helps! Let us know if you have further questions.

Best regards,