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Packaging requirements

Learn about the general prep requirements for sending FBA inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres, as well as the specific product categories that require specialised prep.

Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements, and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at the Amazon fulfilment centre, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future deliveries to the fulfilment centre, or charging for preparation or for non-compliance at the fulfilment centre.

Make sure that your items are packed securely to prevent damage. Follow these guidelines when you deliver products to Amazon fulfilment centres. Amazon reserves the right to return any items that are packed in a way that does not meet these requirements.

  • Please download the Prep Matrix document to print and use as a quick reference when preparing products for delivery to Amazon fulfilment centres.

Follow these guidelines when you deliver products to Amazon fulfilment centres. Amazon reserves the right to return any items that are packed in a way that does not meet these requirements.

  • Any FNSKU used by the seller must correspond to one unique product, including assortments that should have a unique FNSKU per assortment type.
  • All individual SKU items must be contained within a single package, including multiple-volume set book publications. Amazon does not accept products requiring assembly of multiple separate pieces at our dock (for example, wheel barrows where handles and legs come in separate boxes).
  • All products must have a single scannable barcode, placed on the outside of each deliverable unit, which is registered accordingly in the Amazon catalogue and uniquely identifies the product. This may be an EAN/UPC/ISBN for "Stickerless, commingled" stock, or an FBA FNSKU label for "Stickered" stock. The barcode should also be printed in human-readable form. It should be positioned on the exterior of the product in a flat, easily accessible and scannable location (in other words, not positioned around a corner or curve or on a seam).
  • All items must be easily identifiable. Packaging must carry a label with an identifier (such as title, colour, and model number) in addition to their EAN/UPC/ISBN barcodes.
  • Unauthorised marketing materials (for example, pamphlets, price tags or other non-Amazon stickers) are prohibited. Amazon will not accept pre-priced labels or products.


You are required to use safety knives with covered blades in packing and distribution of Amazon deliveries to prevent sharp objects such as blades being accidentally left in cartons and products that are liable to cause injury to Amazon Associates or Amazon customers.

Sharp/Hazardous or Damage-Prone Items:

Amazon reserves the right to specify products needing additional protective packaging in order to preserve the integrity of the product throughout the fulfilment process. Products sensitive to dust, dirt, or humidity must be protected by transparent plastic bags. Any product having the following attributes delivered to the Amazon fulfilment centres with inadequate or non-compliant packaging will be refused or repackaged by Amazon at the seller's expense and may be subject to non-compliance fees.

Shock-sensitive articles

(for example, Hard drives): Shock-sensitive units must be packaged individually in protective material (such as bubble wrap). All items must be packaged individually.

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