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Small parcel delivery to Amazon

Important: For a one-year period starting April 12, 2022, we will provide an average discount of 50% on Amazon Partnered Carrier programme fees for domestic FBA shipments sent to fulfilment centres in Germany, France, Italy and Spain. To learn more about this discount, go to Amazon Partnered Carrier programme promotional discount FAQ.
Important: Failure to comply with FBA product preparation requirements, safety requirements and product restrictions may result in the refusal of inventory at Amazon fulfilment centres, disposal or return of inventory, blocking of future shipments to fulfilment centres, or charging for preparation or for non-compliance. Share these requirements with your carrier or vendor to ensure that they fully understand and adhere to these requirements.

The following requirements apply to all small parcel deliveries shipped to Amazon fulfilment centres.

Box preparation

  • All small parcel delivery boxes must have shipment labels.
  • Indicate the number of box labels you will need (one per box) and print them using a laser printer. Do not use inkjet printers as barcodes may become unscannable due to the ink smudging or running.
  • Do not include messaging on shipment labels or other labels applied on boxes.
  • Box dimensions must not exceed 63.5 cm on any side unless the dimension of a single shippable unit exceeds 63.5 cm in itself.
  • Each box must weigh no more than 23 kg unless it contains one single oversized item that exceeds 23 kg. Boxes weighing more than 15 kg must be marked “Heavy Package”, which must be viewable from both the top and sides of each heavy weight container. Boxes that weigh more than 23 kg must be broken down into smaller shipment weights.
  • Place each label on the outside of each box taking care to ensure that the physical contents of the box match with the box number in the shipping plan.
  • Position the labels so they will be easily visible when receiving at the fulfilment centre and do not cross the box seam.
  • Print the full set of labels. Because each label is unique, do not photocopy, reuse or modify for use on additional boxes.
  • Shipment labels must not be placed on the seam of the box where they can be damaged when the box is opened, which makes the barcodes not scannable.
  • Whenever possible, place shipment labels no closer than 3 cm or 1.25’’ from any natural edge of the box, in such a way that the tape used to seal the box does not cover any barcode or critical information.

Guidelines for carriers

  • Only professional carriers are allowed to make delivery appointments with Amazon fulfilment centres. Amazon does not allow general public deliveries.
  • Carriers must adhere to our delivery requirements and safety standards.
  • All carriers need to supply evidence that goods were handed over to the designated Amazon fulfilment centre. Proof is provided through a time stamp for drop-off at Amazon premises and the signature or name of an Amazon employee.
Important: Keep in mind that your shipments to Germany that are assigned to fulfilment centres in Poland or Czech Republic and not using the Partnered Carrier Programme with DHL will be directed to logistic service providers. The addresses will be automatically generated during the shipment creation in Seller Central on your shipment label.

The address of the WRO5 fulfilment centre is the Finsterwalder hub in Halle/Saale:

Finsterwalder Transport und Logistik GmbH
Schieferstraße 16 
06126 Halle/Saale 

To schedule an appointment for a small parcel shipment with the Finsterwalder hub, your carrier needs to book an appointment at Finsterwalder Booking to avoid waiting times.

The address of the other fulfilment centre in Poland and Czech Republic is the Amm hub in Nürnberg:

Amm GmbH & Co KG Spedition
Hamburger Str. 99
90451 Nürnberg 

To schedule an appointment for a small parcel shipment with the Amm hub in Nürnberg, your carrier needs to write to and book a slot to avoid waiting times.

Preferred small parcel carriers

Only professional carriers can book a delivery slot with Amazon hubs. We strongly recommend using one of the preferred parcel carriers listed below. These carriers deliver at regular, pre-arranged times.

You can find below a list of carriers that you can use for small parcel deliveries to Amazon fulfilment centres in the UK.

Carrier Milton Keynes Dunfermline Gourock Peterborough Swansea Doncaster Rugeley Hemel Hempstead LTN2 Peterborough UNO-EUKA Coalville BHX2 Dunstable LTN4 Manchester MAN1 Daventry XUKD
Parceline/DPD Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DHL Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Post/UK Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
TNT Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ParcelForce Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
FedEx Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UPS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
City Link Yes

“Yes” means that a standing appointment already exists at the location.

Amazon-Partnered Shipments programme

With the Amazon Partnered Shipments programme, you can make small parcel deliveries at discounted rates.

Carriers that provide this service are as follows:

UPS in France, Spain, Italy, UK and Germany

DHL in Germany

Learn more about the Amazon-Partnered Carrier programme.

If you are using an Amazon-partnered carrier, you must enter the dimensional data for your small parcel delivery boxes. These dimensions are used to calculate dimensional weight, which can be used to determine fees if the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight.

For more information on weights and measurements, go to Packing messages.

Additional information:

For weight, dimension and shipping requirements that apply to all shipping methods, go to Shipping and routing requirements.

For larger shipments, go to Arrange an LTL or truckload delivery to Amazon.

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