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Prepare shipment to Amazon

The Prepare shipment page helps you ship your inventory to Amazon. Follow the requirements below to help ensure safe and on-time delivery to our fulfilment centres.

Prepare shipment is the fifth step in the six-step shipment creation process:

  1. Set quantity
  2. Prepare products
  3. Label products
  4. Review shipments
  5. Prepare shipment
  6. Summary

Change, modify, add, or delete items in a shipping plan

On the Prepare shipment page, you can make small modifications to your shipping plan. Your shipping fees will be updated automatically to match your revised shipping plan. There is a limit on the number of modifications you can make to a shipping plan on the Prepare shipment page. If you need to make additional changes beyond this limit, delete the shipping plan and create a new one with the correct quantity.

The Prepare Shipment page will walk you through the process of creating each of your shipments. The steps required to complete a shipment may vary depending on whether you choose small parcel delivery (SPD) or less than truckload (LTL) delivery.

For items packed in boxes, see the Small parcel delivery (SPD) section on this page.

For boxes stacked on pallets, see the Less-than or full truckload (LTL/FTL) section on this page.

Follow these general guidelines:

  1. Select the Shipping Method (SPD or LTL) and the carrier.
  2. In the Shipment packing step, follow the directions to provide box content information for each of your boxes. Box content information includes the quantity of each ASIN per box, the box weight and dimensions, and expiration dates (if applicable). Click Confirm.
    • Small Parcel Delivery (SPD):
      • Print the full set of labels. Each label is unique: do not photocopy, reuse, or modify labels for use on additional boxes.
      • If you wish to modify the number of boxes after you have already printed your labels, you will need to reprint the entire set of labels for your shipment.
    • Less than Truckload (LTL):
      • Indicate the number of box labels you will need (one per box) and print them.
      • Place each label on the outside of each box, so they will be visible when unpacking the pallet at the fulfilment centre.
  3. Enter information regarding your shipment based on the type of shipment and the carrier.
    Note: Please be aware that during COVID-19 we are temporarily limiting shipments weighing over 15kg. Visit here for more details.
    Note: Each box should weigh no more than 23kg, unless it contains one single oversized item that exceeds 23kg. Boxes weighing more than 15kg must be marked "Heavy Package" (viewable from both the top and sides of each heavy-weight container). Cartons weighing more than 23 kg must be broken down into smaller shipment weights.
  4. Enter the number of shipment labels you need and print them to affix to each box.
Note: Please adhere to our Packaging Requirements when preparing your shipment to help prevent damage to your products in transit. You can also view our Shipping and Routing Requirements for guidance on sending your shipments.

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