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Make a Payment

Note: Balance Repayments page is currently unavailable. To ensure any balance due on your account can be charged automatically, please update the credit card details in the Charge Methods page.

You can use Make a Payment to pay the account balance that you owe. You might have this type of balance if your sales for a settlement period were less than your fees and charges and Amazon Payments was unable to charge a credit card on file for your account. Fees and charges can include monthly subscription fees and order refunds.

If you have a negative balance, a Repay Balance button will appear in the Closing Balance section of your Payments summary. Click on this button to make a payment. To see the credits and charges that were applied to your account for specific periods, select the date range in the Statement View page or download the statement for that period.

Pay with a credit card

Make a Payment will charge your payment to the credit card that was set up in your account or you can select a different card from the drop-down list before making the payment. To use a card that has not yet been set up in your account, follow these steps to add it. Then return to Make a Payment and select the new card.

  1. In the Settings drop-down menu of the seller account, select Account Info.
  2. In the Payment Information section, select Charge Methods.
  3. On the Charge Method box, click on Edit on the right side.
  4. Select or add a new card, making sure that you enter the requested information exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.
Note: For amounts you owe us, Amazon Payments may charge any payment instrument you provide.

Make a partial payment

To make a partial payment, select Other Amount and enter the amount that you want to pay. Partial payments are applied to your balance in the order in which the charges were incurred, with the oldest charge first.

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