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Your FBA Sales Lift Tool

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The FBA Sales Lift tool may occasionally appear on the Business Reports page of your Seller Central account. This page will give you information on when and how this tool may appear, as well as how the data is gathered.

The FBA Sales Lift tool occasionally appears on the Business Reports page. This tool appears when we have data enabling comparison of your unit sales of certain products fulfilled both through FBA and through your own fulfilment means.

Not all products are eligible for FBA Sales Lift the tool. Only products having been sold over equivalent and significant time periods qualify.  A minimum of 28 days of sales data is required from each fulfilment channel. As the tool only evaluates limited time periods to make the most relevant comparison, the FBA Sales Lift data may not match your total sales data.

How it works

We consider your past 12 months of sales data to select products that have been in stock and both self-fulfilled and fulfilled through FBA. Product by product, we analyse equal time periods and compare FBA unit sales with self-fulfilled unit sales over the target time span to produce an FBA Sales Lift.

  The total FBA Sales Lift percentage representing average daily sales of all the individual products is displayed on the left side of the screen and to the right of it are various selected examples.

  For example, if you have fulfilled a product yourself for 40 days and sold 100 units, then converted the same product to FBA and sold 130 units over the 40 days following the change in fulfilment, then the FBA Sales Lift tool will display a 30% FBA sales lift for your product.

Please Note: The FBA Sales Lift Tool does not account for seasonality or for such others factors that may affect your sales.       

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