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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Multi-Country Inventory

Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) lets you ship your FBA inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres in multiple countries of your choice across Europe. MCI offers the following benefits:

  • Your customers receive faster, local delivery when your products are located in fulfilment centres close to where they live.
  • Your listings qualify for accelerated shipping options including Amazon Prime 1-Day Delivery, FREE Delivery and Next-Day Delivery (where available).
  • You save on transportation costs when you send inventory in bulk to local fulfilment centres rather than dispatching individual orders across borders.

ASINs which have an active FBA offer in each Amazon store listed as required in the Pan-European FBA Inventory page will automatically be enrolled in to receive Pan-EU benefits, including inventory placement and local Fulfillment Fees in each country enabled for inventory placement. ASINs for which you do not maintain an active FBA offer in all the Amazon European marketplaces listed as required on the ‘Pan-European FBA Manage Your Inventory’ page in your selling on Amazon account will not qualify as a Pan-European Eligible ASIN.

Nonetheless, by enabling inventory placement in additional countries (beyond your home marketplace) in your FBA settings or by selecting an additional country in the shipping workflow for these ASINs, you can ship your inventory to and you authorise Amazon to store it in fulfilment centres in the countries you select, (this option was previously known as ‘Multi-Country Inventory’ or ‘MCI’). For these ASINs, local Fulfillment Fees will apply only when a customer’s order is actually fulfilled from your locally stored inventory. Cross-border Fulfilment Fees for EFN will apply when a customer’s order is fulfilled remotely. Because these ASINs are not part of Pan-European FBA, you need to manage your inventory and demand forecasting yourself. To avoid unplanned fees, we recommend that you maintain your inventory levels in each country and replenish frequently. To view stock levels on a per-country basis, use the Daily Inventory History report.

Service overview

By selecting either an additional "marketplace destination" country in the shipping workflow or enabling Multi-Country Inventory in your FBA settings, you can ship your inventory to and authorize Amazon to store and move any of your FBA inventory in fulfilment centres in the countries selected, independent of your inbound shipments.

Note: Storing units in any country other than your home marketplace country may entail additional Value Added Tax (VAT) reporting obligations for your business. You are responsible for the collection and payment of all of your taxes, as well as for filing all relevant returns. These can include the VAT, VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) and Intrastat returns, as well as issuing VAT invoices and credit memos where required. To learn more about VAT, see Europe Tax and Regulatory Considerations.

Inventory pools

All your inventory that is stored throughout Amazon EU fulfilment centres is considered as one single pool of EU inventory. If you have listings in marketplaces where you do not have local inventory, we will fulfil orders remotely from your remaining EU inventory pool.


There are no additional fees for using our Multi-Country Inventory service. Storage fees and your Fulfilment Fee will be charged as applicable.

Note: The EFN Fulfilment Fee is no longer a surcharge. It is charged just like the domestic Fulfilment Fee.

To avoid unplanned fees, we recommend that you maintain your inventory levels in each country and replenish frequently. To view stock levels on a per-country basis, use the Daily Inventory History report.

How to enable Multi-Country Inventory

You can enable Multi-Country Inventory in either of the two ways described below.

  • Select an additional "Marketplace destination" country in the shipping workflow:
    1. Click on Inventory > Manage FBA Inventory at the top-left of your seller account.
    2. Select the checkbox next to items of inventory you want to send/replenish and click Go.
    3. Click on the drop-down menu under Marketplace destination in the middle of the screen and select the country you want to enable under the Ship to and enable storage in: section.
    4. Review the Multi-Country Inventory Terms and Conditions and Accept by clicking the Continue to shipping plan button.
  • Select additional countries in the Multi-Country Inventory section of your FBA settings:
    1. Click on Settings > Fulfilment by Amazon at top-right of your seller account.
    2. Click the Edit button at far right of the Multi-Country Inventory Settings section.
    3. Tick the checkbox next to all the countries where you want to allow inventory to be stored.
    4. Click the Update button.

Please note that Multi-Country Inventory is only available after you have converted listings to Fulfilment by Amazon.

Deselecting storage for a country

You may deselect storage for countries other than your home-marketplace country at any time in the Multi-Country Inventory Settings section of your FBA settings in Seller Central. You can no longer ship your inventory to any country that you deselect and we will prevent future inflow of your inventory for storage into that country, unless you elect to have your inventory stored in that country at a later date by reselecting it as described above.

All remaining units stored in a country that you deselect will nevertheless continue to be part of your EU inventory until you have sold or removed all units in that country. Standard local FBA fees will continue to apply. We will not offer trans-shipment to another EU or UK fulfilment centre. We will discontinue to store inventory in a deselected country once you have sold or removed all remaining inventory from that country. Note that inventory may temporarily reside in unauthorised countries in preparation for trans-shipment to an authorised location.

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