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Business-Only Offers

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Note: A business-only offer is an offer that only has a business price and no customer price. A business-only offer is only available to Amazon Business customers, and is not available to all customers on Amazon.

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There are a number of reasons to create business-only offers for registered Amazon Business customers:

  • You carry products with channel rights restrictions from the manufacturer, limiting sales to consumers
  • You carry fragile products that can break or fail without professional handling or installation
  • You carry speciality products that may injure the customer without professional handling or installation

Add a business-only offer using feeds

All standard feed instructions apply.

To add a business-only offer using feeds, complete the following steps.

  1. If you have a previous offer, delete it first.
  2. Create a new offer using a category-specific feed.
  3. Leave the standard price column blank. If you enter a value in the price column, your offer will be available to all customers on Amazon.
  4. Add a business price using the Business Price columns in the file (required)
  5. Add quantity discounts by using the Quantity Discount column in the file (optional)

These steps convert your offer into a business-only offer.


  • Deleting a previous offer can strand FBA inventory. Learn more about how to fix stranded inventory.
  • If you add a standard price to your offer in the future, it will start having a price that is available to all customers, and it will no longer be a business-only offer.

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