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Answers to Questions about Product Reviews

How can I encourage buyers to review a product?

Amazon automatically sends emails asking buyers to leave reviews and feedback. You do not have to do anything.

Can I offer a voucher or a free gift?

We do not permit reviews or votes on the helpfulness of reviews that are posted in exchange for compensation of any kind, including any of the following:

  • Payment (whether in the form of money or gift cards)
  • Bonus product
  • Entry to a prize draw or competition
  • Discounts on future purchases
  • Extra product
  • Other gifts

Can I use a good review for my product description?

The reviewer owns the copyright of the review. You can ask for the reviewer's permission by responding to the review.

Can I write a product review about items I sell?

No. Reviews written for financial gain violate our guidelines and will be removed.

Can a buyer review a product that was not purchased on Amazon or from me?

Yes, provided the buyer has made at least one purchase using their Amazon account. They can review any product on Amazon, regardless of where they purchased that product. However, if a reviewer did not buy the product on Amazon, their review will not be marked as an Amazon Verified Purchase.

Why are there reviews on a product that has not been released yet?

We only allow buyers to submit reviews for items that have already been released for sale. We make an exception for the following product releases:

  • DVDs and Blu-ray films. Reviews can be submitted before films are released based on their run in cinemas. Music and video games cannot be reviewed before they are released.
  • Books. Reviews can be submitted before the release if the book is already available in a different version. For example, a pre-release of a paperback can be reviewed if a hardbound book has already been released.
  • Vine pre-release copies. Vine reviewers may review products before they are released. Learn more About Amazon Vine.

If you see reviews appearing on a product before it is released and none of the above apply, use the Report abuse link next to the review to report it.

Can you link reviews across the international Amazon sites?

At this time, our product reviews are limited to one Amazon site. However, we do have a feature that spotlights reviews from on international Amazon websites for the same product. While the reviews are spotlighted, the votes and number of reviews do not count towards the total votes for the listings on international websites.

Can you link reviews across a variation?

Yes. Amazon shares Product Reviews across Child ASINs in a Variation to make it easier for customers to make informed purchasing decisions. We only share reviews when products are materially the same and listed in the same category. Reviews of each product should be relevant and applicable to the entire set.

What is the difference between a customer review and seller feedback?

Customer reviews are about the product and seller feedback is about the seller and the purchase experience. Customer reviews do not affect your seller performance, but seller feedback can have an impact on your performance metrics.

What should I do if the seller feedback I received is about the product?

If you receive feedback that is about the product and not your service or the shopping experience, contact us.

Do I get a notification when my product gets a new review?

No. Amazon does not notify sellers when new reviews are posted for the products they sell.

Can I respond to a review?

You can add a comment to a review by clicking on the Comment button below the review. Note: one or more purchase history is required.

Will Amazon delete reviews after a certain time?

No. As long as a product is listed on Amazon, its reviews will continue to appear. We do, however, remove reviews that violate our guidelines. Buyers can also remove their own reviews.

Will reviews be deleted when an upgraded product comes out, such as a new model, fixed issues or software upgrades?

No. Any information a buyer provides could be helpful to other buyers.

Why do some reviews disappear?

Reviews are removed from the Amazon website for these reasons only:

  • The review conflicted with our Customer Review Creation Guidelines. This includes reviews that were posted as promotional material.
  • The review was removed by the reviewer.
  • We discovered that multiple products were incorrectly listed as the same product. Reviews that were posted for those products are separated when the products are separated.
  • We detected unusual review behaviour and are not accepting or displaying reviews for this item at this time, or we are only accepting or displaying Amazon Verified Purchase reviews.

What action can I take against an unjustified negative review, which may even be a fake review?

If you see reviews that you think are inappropriate or fake, use the Report abuse link next to the review to report it.

Can you remove a review that is comparing my product with a competitor's product and makes my product look bad?

No. We encourage our buyers to give their honest opinions on our products. As long as the review is within our guidelines, we will not remove it.

Can I block buyers that leave bad reviews on my products?

No. You cannot block a buyer from writing reviews on your products. If you think a review violates our guidelines, use the Report abuse link next to the review to report it.

Can you edit a review for me?

No. We check reviews for violations of our guidelines, but we do not edit reviews.

Can a buyer change their review after an issue with a product is resolved?

Yes. Buyers can change their reviews at any time. However, you may not ask buyers to change their reviews.

Do buyers have to remove a bad review after an issue with a product is resolved?

No. That is entirely up to the buyer to decide. You are not allowed to pressure buyers to remove reviews.

Can you give me the email address of reviewers so I can contact them directly?

No. Amazon never shares private buyer information. If you wish to respond to a review, you can post a comment on it.

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