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Pay by Invoice

What is Pay by Invoice?

Pay by Invoice allows qualified Amazon Business customers to make purchases on Amazon and receive billing invoices for their orders. Amazon customers who have access to Invoicing have credit terms that determine when their invoices are due. Credit terms can differ by buyer and are assessed and approved by Amazon. For example, a customer can have a net 30-day term where the invoice due date will be 30 days after the billing date.

What are the benefits of Pay by Invoice to sellers?

In the past, customers who prefer to pay using invoices have been unable to make purchases on Amazon. Pay by Invoice represents a huge growth opportunity for sellers by opening up their selection to these customers.

Doing business through invoicing traditionally requires additional account receivables work for the seller in assessing buyers’ creditworthiness, billing them for purchases, following up for payments, collecting on unpaid invoices and managing bad debt. Amazon is removing this burden for sellers by taking on these responsibilities and managing them efficiently at scale. Sellers do not pay any incremental fees for these additional services.

Why did I receive a Pay by Invoice order when I am not enrolled in Amazon Business?

Selection from all sellers on Amazon is made available on Amazon Business to ensure the same growth opportunity for all sellers and the wide selection for Amazon Business customers. Joining the Amazon Business Seller programme is not required but is a great way to tailor your offering to business buyers and grow your sales with these customers. Similarly, selection from all sellers registered on Amazon is also made available to business buyers eligible for Pay by Invoice to ensure the same benefits to buyers and sellers.

Are there any additional fees for receiving Pay by Invoice orders?

No. There is no additional fee charged for Pay by Invoice orders.

When will I receive my payment for Pay by Invoice orders?

Once the payment for Pay by Invoice orders is received, Amazon will credit the amount to the seller's Amazon payment account. This may occur around the due date or even before the due date.

However, in case of late payments, Amazon will assume the risk and pay the seller within 15 days of the invoice due date of the invoice.

Do I need to contact Selling Partner Support to enable Pay by Invoice?

You do not have to take any action to enable Pay by Invoice. In case of any questions, contact Selling Partner Support.

Is performance, metrics or anything else affected by this change?

Nothing else is affected by this change.

Will I be able to see my reports specifically related to invoiced orders and transactions separately?

You can see pending invoiced orders under the Open Invoice tab under Reports > Payments on the Seller Central top navigation menu by clicking Invoiced Orders.

If I join Amazon Business, will all my orders be paid using Pay by Invoice and paid after the buyer pays Amazon?

No. Only qualified Amazon Business customers have the ability to place orders using Pay by Invoice. Joining the Amazon Business Seller programme does not convert all your orders to invoicing. During payment, if a customer pays for any order using other payment methods, you will not be affected by invoicing.

For more information, go to Amazon Business overview.

Can I get paid on Pay by Invoice before the Buyer has paid the Invoice?

Yes. If you wish to be paid early for invoiced orders you may enrol in Get Paid Faster and get payment for invoiced orders credited to the available balance of your Selling on Amazon account immediately after shipment confirmation by paying a 1.5% fee.

For more information, go to Get Paid Faster service term for invoiced orders.

Do I need to include an Invoice with payment instructions when shipping Invoiced orders?

No. Amazon will issue an invoice for the Invoiced order with payment instructions, on your behalf. You will not request payment from the customer directly, invoice the customer on different terms or off the Amazon Site at any time. If you are not using Amazon’s VAT Calculation Services and are requested by the customer to provide a VAT invoice, you should not provide any payment instructions in that VAT invoice or otherwise attempt to redirect the customer’s payment to your own account.

For more information, go to VAT calculation service - FAQ.

To learn more about payments, go to Get payment reports.

What happens if a Pay by Invoice order is returned?

In the event of a returned Pay by Invoice order, you are able to follow the standard returns process assuming they match or exceed Amazon’s return policies. If the refund is initiated while the buyer payment is still pending, the refund amount will remain pending against the sale Net Amount that is pending buyer payment. The refund adjustment will be posted to your Available Balance at the same time as the sale Net Amount either when the buyer pays the Invoice or within 15 days past the due date of the Invoice, whichever comes first. If the refund is initiated after the buyer payment has been received or if you are enrolled for the Get Paid Faster service, the refund adjustment will be posted to your Available Balance immediately.

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