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Buy Shipping

There are several options to buy shipping for Prime orders:

  1. Through Manage Orders in Seller Central - To buy shipping labels via Seller Central, go to the Orders page. Identify your Prime order and click on Buy Shipping. Enter package details and select the shipping service. Additionally, there is a way for you to buy shipping for multiple Prime orders at one time. To access this feature, go to the Orders page, filter for Prime orders, and select the Buy Shipping button.
  2. Through the Amazon Shipping website - Amazon Shipping offers free, fast fulfilment tools that help you process more Prime orders each day and easily track your packages all the way to your customer’s door. If you use Amazon Shipping as your Prime carrier, navigate to and log in with your Seller Central credentials to see all your existing Amazon orders in one place, ready to ship.
  3. Via your own custom solution – in order to connect your own solution to our Buy Delivery Services, you will need to set up a process for identifying Prime orders and retrieving the respective shipping labels via our Merchant Fulfilment API.
    • Retrieve and flag Prime orders: The “IsPrime” flag indicates whether or not the order is a Seller Fulfilled Prime order. This flag is available via:
      • Get Orders API – ListOrders method
      • Order Report
    • Get list of carrier offers: The “GetEligibleShippingServices” function returns a list of available shipping services for your Prime orders.
    • Select and buy a shipping label: The “CreateShipment” function allows you to purchase shipping labels and returns PNG or PDF documents. Then download the shipping label.
  4. Via your third-party solution provider (integrator) – solution providers (integrators) are constantly working on implementing new features, such as Seller Fulfilled Prime. Below, you can find a list of integrators that have implemented Seller Fulfilled Prime into their solutions. Please contact your solution provider to get support with the onboarding process.

Currently Supported Integrators:

Get Support

In case you have any specific questions regarding your own solution that are not answered by our Developer Guide, please contact Seller Support via the Contact Us section of Seller Central. If you are using an integrator, you can contact them directly.

Buy Shipping

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