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Temporarily prioritising products coming into our fulfilment centres

We continue to focus our available capacity on the highest priority products that customers need at this time, while also adhering to social distancing guidance within our fulfilment centres to keep our employees safe and healthy.

While we will continue prioritising the products we can receive beyond April 5, we are now able to broaden the list. Given our constrained capacity, we are doing this on an item-by-item basis. We have updated the Restock Inventory page and Restock report in Seller Central so you can check which products are eligible for shipment creation. We consider many factors when determining eligibility, including high-demand products customers need now; current inventory levels and inventory in transit; fulfilment centre capacity; and our ability to adhere to the latest health guidelines.

We will regularly update the Restock Inventory page and the Restock report as capacity allows us to receive additional products.

Please note that Amazon (including our Support Associates) does not have additional information to share right now.

Frequently asked questions

What products am I able to ship to FBA?

We continue to prioritise household staples, medical supplies, and other high-demand products coming into our fulfilment centres. We consider many factors when determining which products can be sent to our fulfilment centres, including high-demand products customers need now; current inventory levels and inventory in transit; fulfilment centre capacity; and our ability to adhere to guidelines from health authorities within our fulfilment centres.

Will you be restoring regular operations on April 5, 2020?

Given that the impact of COVID-19 is still developing, we do not have an exact date when operations will be fully restored. Instead, whenever possible we will allow more products to be received, while still ensuring our fulfilment centres are able to process high-priority products.

How often will you be updating this list on the Restock Inventory page? When should I check back?

We will update this list regularly. We encourage you to check the page or report, based on your business’s review cycle, for restocking actions.

Is Amazon taking similar steps for retail products?


What if I already have a shipment on its way?

Completed shipments will be received.

I believe my product is a household staple and/or a medical supply, but I am not able to send it to a fulfilment centre. What should I do?

We determine if a product is a household staple, a medical supply, or both based upon the listing. At this time, we are not accepting requests to re-classify listings.

Can I still sell non-household staples or medical supplies through merchant-fulfilled channels?


What happens if my Inventory Performance Index (IPI) score falls because of this?

We are working diligently to account for this change in your IPI score and in storage limits for the following quarter.

We have posted answers to your frequently asked questions about Amazon's policies in response to COVID-19. Click here for more information.

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