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FBA Liquidations programme terms and conditions

Note: The English version of these terms and conditions is the definitive legal version. Translations into any other languages are available for your ease of reference only.

These terms and conditions (these ‘Terms’) supplement the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement (‘BSA’), including the FBA Service Terms, and govern your participation in the FBA Liquidations programme (the ‘Programme’). Unless otherwise provided in these Terms, all capitalized terms are as defined in the BSA and the FBA Service Terms. By creating a liquidation order or enabling liquidations in your FBA settings, you agree to these Terms.

  1. Participation. Your participation in the Programme is subject to Amazon’s approval. Amazon may change Programme eligibility criteria and other aspects of the Programme from time to time.
  2. Eligible items. Only items described as eligible in the FBA Liquidations Help Page are eligible for the Programme ("Eligible Items"). Amazon may change eligibility criteria from time to time by updating the description of Eligible Items on the FBA Liquidations Help Page. Your product’s eligibility for the Programme does not validate that the product complies with any laws applicable to its offer, sale, transportation or storage. You are solely responsible for, and must ensure that your products comply with, all applicable laws at all times.
  3. Selecting items for liquidation. You will submit only Eligible Items for liquidation using the process described on the FBA Liquidations Help Page. Amazon will not process liquidation requests for items that are not Eligible Items. Once you submit a liquidation request, you can't cancel it. You may not submit more than one liquidation request for the same item.
  4. Liquidation. By participating in the Programme, you authorise and instruct Amazon, on your behalf to attempt to arrange a buyer for the Eligible Items that you submit for liquidation within 30 days of your submission (the "Liquidation Facilitation Period") and to facilitate the liquidation of your Eligible Items. If Amazon is able to find a buyer for your Eligible Items within the Liquidation Facilitation Period, you authorize and instruct Amazon to receive, on your behalf, the amount that buyer pays for these items. The process for determining the recovery value of Eligible Items through liquidation is described on the FBA Liquidations Help Page. We will transfer the amount that buyer pays for these items, minus applicable fees, to your seller account in accordance with the usual payment terms as stated in the Amazon Payments – Selling on Amazon User Agreement. If Amazon is unable to find a buyer for your Eligible Items within the Liquidation Facilitation Period, we will return them to your inventory and you may elect to have us dispose of them on your behalf for a fee or return them to you for a fee. You acknowledge and agree that through the Programme (a) Amazon is only facilitating the liquidation of your Eligible Items and is neither the seller nor the buyer of record for these transactions and (b) Amazon doesn't guarantee that your Eligible Units will be purchased or, if they are purchased, the amount you will receive for your Eligible Items. Amazon has no authority to act on your behalf in connection with the Programme beyond the activities listed in this Section 4.
  5. VAT Invoicing. To participate in the programme, you will be required to enrol in the VAT Calculation Service. This free service provides you with billing and VAT calculation functionalities. You may also refer to the FAQs on the FBA Liquidation Help Page and learn more about VAT Calculation Service. You are responsible to keep your business name, business address, VAT registration numbers and item tax data up to date in your Seller Central account.
  6. Liquidation fees. Refer to the FBA Liquidations Fees Help Page for details on fees.
  7. Storage fees. Monthly storage fees and long term storage fees will cease to accrue for Eligible Items from the date you submit the order for liquidation. The liquidation order does not need to be completed for the fees to stop accruing (similar to the effect of a removal request on the accrual of FBA long-term storage fees). If we are unable to find a buyer for these items within the Liquidation Facilitation Period, we will return them to your inventory and monthly and long-term storage fees will continue to accrue for these items until they are disposed of or you remove them from our fulfilment centre.
  8. Modification. Amazon may amend any of these Terms by posting the revised terms on Seller Central or the Amazon Site. Your continued use of the Programme after the effective date of the revised terms constitutes your acceptance of the terms.
  9. Term; Termination. Amazon may suspend or terminate the Programme or your participation in the Programme at any time. You may end your participation in the programme at any time by notifying us at . These Terms will terminate automatically upon the termination of the BSA.
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