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Create a plan of action to reinstate selling privileges

To activate your selling account, follow the instructions outlined in the email sent to you upon account deactivation. The most common path forward is to share a plan of action that explains:

  • The root causes that led to the issue.
  • The actions that you have taken to resolve the issue.
  • The steps that you have taken to prevent future issues.

Note: While creating a plan of action, explain the issue as well as the steps that you have taken to prevent similar complaints.

The following are some examples of performance, product quality and policy violation issues that might have led to complaints. We also offer suggestions on how to resolve these issues.

Your selling privileges were removed due to: Action
A high order defect rate Check your customer metrics to determine which one does not meet our performance targets. If negative feedback reflects a lack of response to customer emails, for example, schedule time each day to respond to all customer correspondence.
A high late consignment rate Review your feedback and order fulfilment practices. If you find that your delivery lead times are too short, change them to something more realistic for your fulfilment processes.
A high pre-fulfilment order cancellation rate Review your inventory management and inventory control processes. If you find that your listed products are chronically out of stock, monitor your inventory daily to make sure that you never list products that you cannot deliver immediately.
Complaints about inauthentic products Provide invoices to show that your inventory was purchased from the manufacturer or authorised seller. Demonstrate how you will regularly inspect your inventory to confirm its authenticity or remove your inventory to ensure a positive customer experience and that you will source these products from a different supplier. For more information, refer to the Product Authenticity and Quality Help Page.
Complaints about the condition of your products Provide invoices to show that your inventory was purchased in new condition from the manufacturer or authorised reseller. Provide a plan that identifies and explains why your products were not received in the expected condition. Also, address all of the steps that you are taking to correct these issues in the future. Your products may be:
  • Used/Damaged items sold in new condition
  • Items received are different from items purchased
  • Items received are damaged
  • Items are incomplete or fewer than what should have been received. For more information, refer to the Product Authenticity and Quality Help Page.
Notices of infringement Do not relist the products that caused the complaints, and indicate how you will ensure that your products do not infringe upon others' intellectual property rights.
Safety incidents Explain how you have identified and solved product or manufacturing defects. Update the product detail page with the relevant safety information.
Safety concerns (such as used products sold as new, or products not as advertised) Explain how you have organised your inventory to prevent used or returned products from being delivered again. Ensure that your products match the product detail page.
Complaints about product expiry Explain how you have ensured that your products have a sufficient shelf life before you deliver them, and how you will regularly inspect such products in your inventory.
Selling promotional versions of media Review your inventory and your inventory intake process. If you find that your supplier includes promo CDs in their deliveries, remove those products from your inventory and review your inventory regularly to remove promotional media.
Drop Ship Violation Review the orders you drop shipped without removing third-party branded materials (e.g., packaging, invoices, etc.). Explain why you chose to fulfill the order through a drop shipper and create a plan to avoid drop shipping. Ensure that you remove third-party branded materials from drop shipped orders in the future. Learn more about Drop Shipping Policy
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