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Returnless refunds

A returnless refund/resolution takes place when you issue a refund and let the buyer keep the product. In some cases, returnless refunds may make economic sense if the cost of return shipping is relatively high. You can either automatically issue a returnless refund via rules you define, or you can work with the buyer via buyer-seller messaging for a specific return. There are two ways to configure returnless resolutions:

Offer returnless refunds for returns that meet certain criteria

You can also offer returnless refunds for specific products in your inventory.

  1. Go to Settings in Seller Central and then click Returns Address.
  2. Click on Returnless Refund tab.
  3. Click Add New Rule, enter the price range, optionally select the product categories and reasons for return, and then click Save. The newly configured rule will apply to all orders from that time forward. You can add multiple Returnless Refund rules at the same time.
  4. To edit an existing rule, click on the rule, select Edit, modify the settings, and click Save.
  5. To delete a returnless refund rule, click on the rule, click Delete, and confirm that you want the rule deleted.

Note: All orders placed while a rule was active will still have the rule applied. For example, if you deleted a rule on January 10 and a customer created a return request on January 15 for an order originally placed on January 5, then that customer will still get returnless refund on that order.

Offer returnless refunds for specific SKUs

You can also offer returnless refunds for specific products in your inventory.

  1. Go to the Returns settings page and then click Manage Return Templates .
  2. Download the Returnless Resolution template and follow the steps under the Instructions in the file.
  3. Indicate the Returnless Resolution exemption reason code.
  4. Once you have completed the Returnless Resolution tab in the template, ensure that no Excel filters are applied, and then save the template. Save as an Excel workbook file in an accessible location on your computer. This will allow you to make changes after uploading the template.
  5. Save the template as a tab delimited (*.txt) file in order to upload the file. Ensure the Returnless Resolution is the tab displayed before you save.
    Note: The returnless resolution request will not go through properly if you save and upload any other tab.
  6. Go to your Returns settings page and then click Manage Return Templates.
  7. Upload your returnless resolution tab delimited (*.txt) file that you saved before.

Returnless refund/resolution for specific SKUs request status

To see which SKUs you have enabled returnless resolution for:

  1. Go to your Returns Settings page and then click Manage Return Templates .
  2. Go to Status report and then select Returnless Resolution from the drop-down.
  3. Click Request Report.
  4. Once the report has finished processing, click the Download Report to view SKUs that will receive a Returnless resolution.

For international returns, the cost of return shipping is always the seller’s responsibility, even for customer-fault returns. If you offer a domestic return option, you are not required to refund the cost of the original shipping for customer-fault returns. For seller-fault returns, you must also refund the cost of original shipping.

Effective October 05, 2021, if you are fulfilling customer orders for items under GBP20 (including VAT and shipping charges), sold on from outside the UK, we request that for you offer either Returnless Refund or Provide a Domestic return option). If you do not provide Amazon with a default return address in the UK, Amazon will automatically issue the customer a refund on your behalf. In that case, where return requests fall within the scope of the Amazon Return policy, without requiring the customer to return the item to you (Returnless Refund). The above policy is also applicable to,,, and, for all items and orders under Euro25 (including VAT and shipping charges).

This change will help to simplify and standardize the returns process for customers and sellers for low-cost items, where international labels are generally more expensive than the cost of the item. If you do not have a domestic return address, in the corresponding to the marketplace, our International Returns Provider on the Solution Provider Network may be able to help if you do not have a local return address.


1. Will Amazon setup returnless refund rules on my behalf?

No, all the rules for returnless refunds need to be set up by you. Amazon will not create any rules on your behalf.

2. Do I have to authorize the return request for an item that qualifies for returnless refund in my rule settings?

No, any return request for a product that qualifies for returnless refund based on the rules you have set will be automatically authorized. You do not have to take any action.

3. Do I have to provide a refund for an item that qualifies for returnless refund in my rule settings?

No, a refund equal to the value of the product cost will automatically be provided to the customer for a return that qualified for a returnless refund. You do not have to take any action.

4. What would be the customer experience for a product that qualifies for returnless refunds?

Customers will get the message: “We are processing your refund. You don't need to return the item back to us!”. Customers will automatically get a refund back to the original payment method in 5-7 business days and the refund will be charged to your seller account.

5. What about out of policy returns or returns requested after the end of the return window?

All out of policy return requests will continue to come to you for manual authorization. They will not be granted a returnless refund.

6. How can I track all returnless refunds granted based on my rule settings?

All returnless refunds can be tracked in the Returns Report. Go to Seller Central > Reports > Returns Report.

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