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EU Product Compliance Guidance – CE Marking


Customer safety is Amazon’s primary priority and, as a seller, you must take care that the products you supply are not only safe but also compliant with the relevant regulations.

This page provides guidance on existing requirements for CE marked products to help you understand how to sell these products compliantly in the EU.

What is CE Marking?

The CE mark is a self-certification mark applied to a product by the manufacturer. The CE mark indicates that the product meets health, safety, and environmental protection standards for the European Economic Area (EEA). In addition, EU legislation requires that the manufacturer of a CE marked product issues an EU Declaration of Conformity for the product (discussed in further detail below).

Not all products sold in the EEA are required to be CE marked. Common examples of products that are required to be CE marked include toys, electronics, personal protective equipment, machinery, construction products, gas appliances, recreational and personal watercraft, pressure vessels, and measuring equipment.

You can find a full list of the products subject to CE marking, as well as information on the steps that a manufacturer needs to take to affix the CE mark, here:

What does CE marking legislation mean for me?

You should make sure that the products you sell meet the CE marking rules. To do so, we recommend that you do the following (with the help of your legal counsel, if needed):

  1. Confirm whether the products that you sell require a CE mark.
  2. For products that require a CE mark, you should work with your upstream supplier to ensure that:
    • the manufacturer has affixed the CE mark and all other relevant compliance markings to the product (or, in some circumstances, the packaging or accompanying documentation); and
    • the manufacturer has issued a valid EU Declaration of Conformity (and any additional applicable compliance documentation) that you can provide upon request.

What is an EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC)?

The EU DoC is a written declaration issued by the manufacturer to demonstrate the compliance of a CE marked product with applicable EU product requirements.

A DoC must include information clearly identifying:

  • the product, by means of a product name, product code or other decided reference that matches the product attributes on Amazon;
  • the EU legislation applicable to the DoC (and, where appropriate, a reference to harmonised standards or other technical specifications); and
  • the manufacturer or authorised representative (and notified body if applicable for your product).

When requested, the DoC should be provided in a non-editable format (for example, PDF), and must be signed by a responsible employee of the manufacturer (including the employee’s printed name and position).

Further guidance on the creation of the DoC and the related requirements can be found here.

What is a harmonised standard?

For some product types, the EU has created harmonised standards that manufacturers, other economic operators or conformity assessment bodies can use to demonstrate that products comply with relevant EU legislation. For detailed information, refer to the information on this page.

Is the EU DoC the only compliance document that I need?

Depending on the product type, there may be additional required compliance documents (for example, test reports or certificates) to further demonstrate the compliance of your products. We may require you to provide these at short notice, so it is important to ensure that you have access to any required compliance documents for all of your CE marked products.

Does Amazon offer any support in ensuring compliance?

For a more detailed overview of Compliance regulations, we recommend that you review the Product Safety and Compliance Seller Central page, which also has a more detailed overview of individual regulations.

In addition, you can find a list of external consultants who might help you with questions regarding regulatory requirements on the Compliance Solutions page in the Service Provider Network.

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