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Commingled Inventory with the Manufacturer Barcode

By default, your seller account is set to use the Manufacturer barcode for eligible items. Items in your inventory that are identified using Manufacturer barcodes can be commingled with the exact same products from other sellers who also use Manufacturer barcodes for those items.

When you allow Amazon to commingle your inventory and a customer purchases a product from you, Amazon can send an exact same product from another seller to ensure that the customer delivery promise is honoured.

Upon commingling, you sell that unit as usual to the customer and get the credit for the sale. At that moment, we swap an exact product between you and the other seller whose inventory was used to fulfil the order.

Note: Amazon ensures that the initial source of the commingled units can be traced throughout the fulfilment process.


  • Eliminating the need of additional labels allows faster inventory replenishment, less likelihood of labelling error and lower fulfilment cost.
  • Strategic placement of the inventory by Amazon allows your product to reach customers faster.
  • Amazon’s internal tracking tools ensure that customer feedback is accounted to you even though you were not the seller of record.
  • In an event of inventory problem, Amazon’s fulfilment systems are capable of tracing the source of the inventory throughout the fulfilment process for applicable resolution.


Not all products are eligible for commingling. To qualify, products must meet the following requirements*, at a minimum:

  • Condition – New
  • Single readable UPC, EAN or ISBN barcode matching single ASIN in Amazon catalogue
  • Not an expiry-dated product
  • Not consumable or topical products (shampoo, soaps etc.)
  • Not Dangerous Good

*Additional category restrictions may apply.

Note: If the Manufacturer barcode maps to more than one ASIN, an Amazon barcode is required.

Changing your Commingling settings

Although your default account level setting is Manufacturer barcode (your products are eligible for commingling), you can change your preference at any time (section a). In addition, you have the option to change your barcode preference for each new FBA offer that you create (section b).

a) Change your default account level barcode preference

There are two options available for you to choose under barcode preference:

  1. Manufacturer: If you choose this as your preference, all the eligible offers created thereafter will have the default option to be sent in with the Manufacturer barcode.
  2. Amazon: If you choose this as your preference, all the offers created thereafter will display the Amazon barcode as the default option and require you to affix an additional label on individual units and will not be commingled.

The alternative option to your default barcode setting will still be available in the drop-down when creating new offers.

Note: You cannot change your default preference for existing offers and must either create a new offer or change the barcode preference for each existing offer individually as explained in the section below.

To change your default barcode preference:

  1. In your seller account, under Settings, click on Fulfilment by Amazon.
  2. Locate FBA Product Barcode Preference and click Edit.
  3. Select Enable to use the Manufacturer barcode or Disable to use an Amazon barcode. Click Save.

Please allow 24 hours for the changes to be fully processed before creating new offers for your eligible inventory.

Note: After April 17, 2018, GCIDs can no longer be used in place of a UPC, EAN, JAN or ISBN to create ASINs. If your brand has been approved for the new Brand Registry programme and you do not have UPCs, EANs, JANs or ISBNs for your products, please apply for GTIN Exemption.

b) Change the offer level settings

You have an option to select the barcode preference while creating new offers. All the eligible new offers created will have an option to be sent with Manufacturer or Amazon barcode. If your offer is not eligible to be commingled, only the Amazon barcode option will be available. If you choose to send the eligible inventory with the Manufacturer barcode, you will not be prompted to affix additional labels on each individual unit and your inventory CAN BE commingled with other sellers or Amazon Retail.

Note: When you change a listing from Fulfilled by Merchant (MFN) to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), you will also be able to select your barcode preference.

In case you were commingling and you do not wish to participate in the programme any longer, you can only change your barcode preferences for future offers. The barcode settings remain unchanged for your existing inventory in the fulfilment centres. You can choose to either place a Removal Order for the existing products or continue with the offer until your inventory depletes.

Removing inventory with Manufacturer barcodes

In case you would like to remove your inventory with a Manufacturer barcode, you should initiate a Removal Order. Please be informed that the units you receive may not be the exact same as the ones originally sent to Amazon.

Commingled Inventory with the Manufacturer Barcode

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