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VAT Services on Amazon

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Welcome to the VAT Services on Amazon online manual. On this page, you will find:

How to get started with VAT Services on Amazon Learn how to sign up and provide documentation
All about VAT with VAT Services on Amazon Get a crash course on VAT Services on Amazon
Provide data Learn about the various types of reports
Rectify errors in Additional VAT Report Learn about the various types of errors and error correction procedures
Circumstances for no VAT returns or filings for the month Learn about circumstances when you can have no VAT returns or filings in a country
Forgot to provide data by deadline Learn about filing preparation window to deadline to provide data for VAT reporting
VAT filing types and preparation Learn about the different VAT filings and how they are prepared
Make VAT payments Learn about country-specific procedures and timelines to make your VAT payments
Tax Authority penalties Learn about the reasons for incurring penalties, penalty amounts and interest rates
Update subscription Learn about how to update your country subscription in VAT Services on Amazon, how to deregister from VAT Services on Amazon, and how to deregister a country VAT registration

VAT Services on Amazon

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