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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Price your item

Sellers on the Individual selling plan may not list items at a price in excess of £7,000. Sellers on the Professional selling plan may not list items at a price in excess of £210,000.

These price limits do not apply to Collectibles listings. For more information about the Collectibles category requirements, search for “collectibles” in seller help.

Pricing definitions

The item price is the amount payable by a customer, excluding shipping and handling, as it appears when you list an item.

The total price is the amount payable by a customer as well as all terms of offer/sale. This includes all of the following:

  • Shipping and handling charges
  • Discounts, rebates or special sales/promotions that you offer/make with respect to purchases
  • Shipping method
  • Business practices, such as any reduction or elimination of shipping charges on an order or of any other order-related fees and expenses
  • Low-price guarantees

The total price does not include discounts, sales, rebates or other promotional offers that you attempt to make available via the Amazon Marketplace that we do not honour or support.

Customers trust that they will find consistently low prices on Amazon Marketplace sites. You may list items at any price you feel is fair, regardless of the price or list price, but you must make your pricing decisions independently. Agreeing with another seller the price at which to list, or agreeing not to undercut each other’s price, is unfair to our customers and erodes their trust. It is also illegal under competition law. The UK Competition and Markets Authority has published a short guide of what is meant by independent pricing, which can be obtained here.

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