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Identifying your product

When you click Create a new product listing, select the correct category and subcategory for your product until you reach the appropriate subcategory. When you have reached a product category where you can add new products, you will see the Select button. The page allows you to add product attributes that will uniquely identify your product from other products already in the catalogue.

Because your product is new to Amazon, you must provide identifying information for the catalogue before adding details about your listing. (See Selling Policies for more information about prohibited and restricted products.)

Enter the product name and other identifying information into the form. Required information is marked with an asterisk. You may also add your own SKU, though this will not be displayed on the product page itself. You will not be able to submit this form until you provide all required data.

For some categories, an EAN or another standard product identifier is required. We recommend that you provide the product EAN whenever you create a new product page on Amazon, even if it is not required. For more information, see Product EANs, UPCs and GTINs.

For some types of products, there may be alternatives to the required fields. If alternatives are available, the Listing Assistant (the blue box to the left of the form) will have a link to Show alternatives. Clicking this link will list and highlight alternative information that will satisfy the requirements, and the asterisks will move to these fields when you fill them in to indicate that your information was accepted.

After you enter the product information, Amazon checks the data for errors. Common errors include an invalid product identifier or information that conflicts with existing data in the catalogue. You must fix these errors before you can create your product.


The Add a Product tool also lets you create product variations for certain categories (for example, Clothing & Accessories, and Luggage). If variations are supported, you will see a drop-down menu for available themes. For more information, see Using Add a Product for Variations.

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