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Set Quantities

When you created your shipment you indicated whether your units were being shipped individually (multiple SKUs in a single box) or case packed (multiple units of a single SKU). Your response will determine the fields you will need to enter the quantities.

Individual Case packed
Units: For each SKU, enter how many units you are shipping. Units per Case: For each SKU, enter the number of units that come packed in a case.
Number of Cases
: For each SKU, enter the number of cases you are shipping.


Return to Shipping Queue: Takes you back to the Manage FBA Shipments page without saving changes.
Delete Shipment: Removes shipment from the Manage FBA Shipments page and returns you to the Inventory Amazon Fulfills page. Items in the shipment remain in the AFN network.To fulfill them yourself, convert them to "Fulfilled by Merchant."
Save: Saves the information you have entered without moving to the next step.
Save & Continue: Saves any information you have entered and takes you to the next step, Label Items.
Note: If you are sending stickerless, commingled inventory, the next step will be Select Carrier.


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