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Velocity Limits and Account Reviews

Sales velocity

As a means of protecting customers, Amazon monitors sales velocity – the number and money amount of a seller's transactions during any given month.

All sellers begin with the same "velocity limit". This limit is based on a 28-day rolling cycle; only transactions within the past 28 days are included in determining a seller’s current velocity.

Velocity limit increases

When you approach or exceed your current velocity limit, we evaluate your account and may increase the velocity limit.  You do not need to contact Amazon to have your velocity limit increased. Increases are granted or denied as part of our proactive review process.

We will contact you immediately via e-mail if we have any questions while we evaluate your account. We reserve the right to limit your selling privileges and/or withhold disbursements depending on any issues we identify.

Note: While your account is being evaluated, new orders may appear as pending in your account. Pending orders will not have Confirm or Cancel buttons in Manage Orders, and they will not appear in either the Order Report or the Unshipped Orders Report. These orders are not in a "shippable" status and should not be shipped, even if the buyer contacts you directly.

If we determine that an increase in your selling limit is appropriate, pending orders will be made available for shipping. Note that this may result in a large amount of shippable orders appearing at once in Manage Orders.

If an increase in your velocity limit is not approved, you will be notified by email.

Account reviews

If at any time during an evaluation we find that your current sales volumes or inventory are not supported by buyer feedback or an established sales history, we may place your seller account or your Selling on Amazon payment account under review. If your seller account is placed under review, we may suspend your listings. If your Selling on Amazon payment account is placed under review, all or a portion of your funds may be temporarily made unavailable.

We understand how this process affects you. We conduct our review of your account as quickly as possible and make every attempt not to interrupt your sales. Most reviews are completed within 30 days, but we may extend the review period.

How to expedite an account review

If your seller account is under review, you may be able to expedite the process by sending us the following information, as applicable:

  • How long you have been in business
  • The sources of your inventory
  • Anticipated monthly sales on Amazon
  • The availability of items for shipping
  • The address of any retail locations
  • Links to other Amazon websites where you are actively selling
  • Tracking information for recently dispatched orders
  • Your VAT number

You can send this information to us by replying to the notice we sent you about your review, which you can find in the Performance notifications page under the performance section of your Seller Account. Tracking information may also be provided in the Manage Orders section.

You may also want to send a friendly reminder to buyers asking them to leave feedback on your account after they have received their items. Buyers can leave feedback quickly and easily by visiting

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