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How to Cancel a Multi-Channel Fulfilment Order

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This page describes the process to cancel a Multi-Channel Fulfilment order in Seller Central.

After the order has been submitted, you have 15 minutes to cancel, while the order is still in "Planning" status*. If you would like to cancel a Multi-Channel Fulfilment order, you can do so by following these steps:

  1. Locate the order under Manage Orders.
  2. Click the Order ID link to view the order details.
  3. Under Order Details for Multi-Channel Fulfilment Order, click "Cancel this Order."

Note: If an item in an order is out of stock or unavailable for fulfilment for any reason, the order status will be "Unfulfillable." Orders that are unfulfillable cannot be cancelled and will remain listed in the Manage Orders view as "Unfulfillable." You can submit a new order for that item when the unfulfillable item has been replenished and has a status of "Fulfillable."

You will not be charged for fulfilment for any item that is cancelled before it is delivered. If some of the items in the order have been delivered, charges for items delivered will be applied.

*Once the 15 minutes have past, there is a possibility that the processing will be completed before the cancellation reaches the fulfilment centre. Please check back to confirm that the order has been cancelled. 

Unfulfillable Orders

If you submit a Multi-Channel Fulfilment order for items that are out of stock or to an invalid address, the order status will be "Unfulfillable." You will not be charged for these orders and there is no need to cancel them. They will not be fulfilled if your inventory is replenished. They are in effect cancelled automatically.

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