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This article applies to selling in: United Kingdom

Adult products policies & guidelines

If you want to list adult products in any of the European stores (UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, NL and SE), you must follow the guidelines below.

Important: We are changing the policy for how wand massagers and kegel/ben wa balls are classified. Today these products are classified as adult products only if certain criteria are met, such as the product detail pages identify this product for sexual uses. However, starting 17 January 2022, these two categories will be automatically classified as adult products irrespective of the details provided on the product detail pages.

Products subject to the policy: Any product which, because of its nature, image, title, or description, appears to be designed for use in sexual or adult activity. Products in this category include but are not limited to:

Product category Example products
Safer Sex Condoms, lubricants, spermicides, and enemas
Adult Toys and Games Sex dolls or mannequins, dildos, vibrators, sexual massagers, games of a sexual nature, penis pumps, male masturbators, butt plugs, anal beads, and kegel balls
Bondage Gear and Accessories Nipple clamps, chastity devices, gags, muzzles, paddles, whips, ticklers, nipple jewellery, genital jewellery, cock rings, bondage clothing, and jewellery such as collars, wrist chains
Fetish Wear Clothing or accessories that are intended to create sexual provocation, crotchless underwear, see-through clothing that exposes breasts or genitals, latex body-suits, and similar attire
Sensual Delights Edible underwear, erotic massage oils, erotic bath oils, and pheromone candles
Sexual Furniture Swings, ramps, and cushions
Sexual Enhancers Genital sensitizers, genital suction devices, penis pumps, sexual performance enhancing pills, nipple and anal stimulators
Novelty Adult novelty items in the shape of genitalia including toys, collectibles, soaps, key chains, party favours, or food items

Note: Failure to comply with the guidelines below may result in the removal of your selling privileges.
Note: The listing and sale of realistic/life-like sex dolls and body parts (like masturbators with a mouth that include other facial features like a nose, heads for sex dolls as well as lower body sex dolls with legs/feet, torsos, or any other life-like body part including butt or hips) is prohibited. Inflatable dolls that are not advertised with images of realistic looking sex dolls are allowed.

For more information on which products may / may not be listed and sold on Amazon, visit the Style guide

All adult product listings must comply with the following requirements:

  1. General:
    • New condition only: All Sexual Wellness products must be in NEW condition only.
    • Expiration: Expiry dates must be clearly displayed on applicable products.
  2. Offensive content is prohibited:
    • Language:
      • No abusive, insulting, obscene, or offensive language in any way.
      • No terms that are associated with minors; for example, young, child, girl, boy, school, teen, kids, or baby.
    • Images (You can find examples of images in the Style guide for Sexual Wellness.)
      • Child exploitation: Products that portray minors or children under the age of 18 (or older, depending on local definitions) in a sexually suggestive manner.
      • No product on model: Products are not allowed to be shown on a model, and persons or parts of human bodies (including hands) are not allowed to be shown on the image. In case the product itself is an inflatable doll, it is allowed to be shown pictures. This also applies to images on product pictures. Dessous are allowed to be shown on a model, but not on the main image. Human nudity (for example, nipples) is not allowed.
      • No interaction with product, including with or by humans, with another products or with symbol images, on any of the images, this applies also to the images of product packaging. Penetration, pulling or squeezing of the product is also not allowed.
      • No text, logo, graphic, or watermark is allowed on the main image unless it is part of the product design and is printed on the actual product.
      • No multiple views of the same product on the main image. No detail or inset shots are allowed.
      • Background of the main image must be white.
      • Product must occupy minimum 65% of the frame on the main image (horizontal or vertical products must extend to 65% on the limiting dimension).
      • No blurry, pixelated, or jagged images. It must not be cropped off from the edge.
      • Products have to be shown in a neutral position in all of the product images. This also applies to images on product packaging – no sexually suggestive pose or expression of products, including product packaging. A suggestive background (bed, couch, etc.), and any clothes that indicate towards children or teens, is also not allowed. Furthermore, frontal nudity is not allowed; the product has to be turned in a slight angle.
    • Search terms:
      • No terms that are not related to the product or even product group. For example, Outdoor grill.
      • No terms that are associated with minors. For example, young, child, girl, boy, school, teen, kids, and baby.
      • No abusive, insulting, obscene, or offensive language in any way.
    • Product videos:
      • The image guidelines also apply to product videos.
      • Graphics or other abstract illustrations, which are in line with these image guidelines, are allowed in order to explain the product and its usage.
      • All visual or verbal explanations must be product-related.
      • Actors are allowed to explain the product verbally using non-obscene and non-offensive language. Actors cannot act or perform use of the product.
  3. Categorisation:
    • Products must be listed in Health and Personal Care.
    • Attribute, feed_product_type has to be set to "Sexual Wellness" for adult products except for condoms and lubricants. For condoms and lubricants, the feed_product_type has to be set to "Health Misc".
  4. Product Shipments:
    • You must follow any applicable laws or shipping restrictions for adult material.
    • Products must arrive safely with the customer.
    • Condoms must be shipped in a carton box and cannot be shipped in paper envelopes or similar loose packages.

For complete guidelines, including image examples, visit Inventory file templates.

Check these guidelines and update your products accordingly.

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