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Order Reconfirmation Email

Dear [buyer_name],

Shipping information has been updated for your order, placed with [seller_name] on [%payment_submitted_date%].

[seller_name] included the following items in this shipment:

[item.quantity] of [item_name] (list all items shipped)
Ship Date: [ship_date]
Shipping Speed: [ship_speed] [shipping address]

If you have additional items in your order, you will receive an e-mail when those items have shipped.

If you have questions about this order, including the status of your shipment, you can either visit or use the Contact Us link to get in touch with [seller_name]. **************************************************

Safe Shopping Tips works hard to protect our customers. For your safety, when ordering items advertised by sellers other than 

*Always place your orders directly through the Marketplace.
*Never send money directly to sellers through wire transfers or checks; we do not guarantee such transactions.
*Beware of e-mails that request direct payments, request payment to international locations, or ask for personal information. will never e-mail you to pay for Marketplace transactions outside our shopping cart, or ask you to confirm personal information such as a credit card number or password via e-mail.
*If a particular e-mail looks suspicious or unusual, please contact us directly.

Reporting suspicious activity to will help us enhance marketplace safety and serve you better in the future.

For more safe-shopping tips, read about Safe Online Transactions at **************************************************

Thanks for shopping at

  • Buyer name: Name of the buyer as found in the Orders Report or Sold Dispatch Now (SDN) e-mail.
  • Seller name: Your business name used in Seller Central
  • Payment submitted date: Date when the order was placed as found in the Orders Report or SDN e-mail.
  • Ship date: Date when the item is shipped
  • Shipping speed: Standard or Expedited
  • Item quantity: Quantity of item being shipped
  • Item name: Name of the item being shipped
  • Delivery address: Physical address where the item is being shipped as found in the Orders Report or SDN e-mail


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