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Label Service

If you are using FBA Label Service, this step displays the estimated Label Fees based on how many units you are shipping. The final charge will be based on how many units are actually received. To decline these fees and label the items yourself, click on "Do you want to label this shipment yourself?"

Note: This step is skipped and disabled for Stickerless, Commingled Inventory.


Do you want to label this shipment yourself? Converts the shipment so you can label it yourself. After converting the shipment, you will be able to print a PDF file with labels that you can print and affix to your units.
Go Back: Takes you back to the previous step, Set Quantity.
Delete Shipment:
Removes shipment from the Manage FBA Shipments page and returns you to the Inventory Amazon Fulfils page. Items in the shipment remain in the AFN network. To fulfil them yourself, convert them to "Fulfilled by Merchant."
Continue: Takes you to the next step, Select Carrier.
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