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Inbound visibility for small parcel and LTL shipments

On this page, you will learn the benefits of inbound visibility and the required tracking numbers and paperwork to access shipment status information in Seller Central.

Tracking numbers provided by your carrier are important for both small-parcel and truckload shipments of inventory to Amazon fulfilment centres. These numbers can be provided in the Shipment Creation workflow.

Benefits of inbound visibility

Tracking numbers can enable you to better track your inbound shipments to Amazon fulfilment centres. When you provide us with accurate tracking numbers, Amazon can show you more details about the shipment's location when in transit and when it is scheduled to arrive at the fulfilment centre.

Tracking numbers are also useful to Amazon. Since we know when and where your products are scheduled to arrive, we can better prepare to receive them quickly and efficiently. Shipment tracking is built in if you participate in our Partnered Carrier programme, which provides Amazon with continuous updates on your shipments.

Requirements by shipping type

Shipment type Required information
Small Parcel
  • The carrier's tracking number for each package
Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL)
  • The carrier's pro-reference number
  • The bill of lading (BOL) number referenced on your shipment's paper or electronic BOL
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