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Listing Quality Success Story

With a 40-year family history in the bicycle trade, German entrepreneur Alexander Durz didn't have to search long for the perfect online business idea. In 1999, Durz and his brother co-founded the speciality bike accessories company Fabial in his home town of Neusaess, about 60 kilometres outside Munich.

"We started Fabial as an online auction, only for old bike parts but after a few years we expanded our business to sell everything from tires to saddles, and from helmets to shoes", recalls Durz, Fabial's CEO. "Then about five years ago, an Amazon staff member called and asked us if we wanted to sell our products on Amazon".

Five years later, Fabial continues to see steady growth both on its website and through Amazon. And Durz is not shy about sharing his most recent growth strategy: improving listing quality. He's one of thousands of sellers focusing on listing quality to boost sales by minimising errors and resolving quality alerts.

With help from an Amazon account manager, Fabial was able to fix listings that were missing essential information, such as brands and images. Specifically, the company identified products with poor selling rates and missing information. Within days of adding this information, the products showed measurable improvements in sales.

"Since completing all necessary information, we see a really great improvement of our sales on Amazon. This happens even during the time of year when sales in our shop decrease because we have our seasonal products on Amazon", Durz says. "But you never should stop working on the listings because there is always a possibility to make the information better".

Fabial also received coaching on the importance of ASIN classification and how to select optimal browse nodes – key tools for reaching buyers.

"Research shows that listings perform best when they are assigned to the correct browse node", says Andy Bruce, Amazon product manager. "For example, a bicycle pump located in its correct browse node will generally have a higher selling rate than if it were located in the Bikes & Scooters node".

In the case of Fabial, many of the company's listings had been classified in non-optimal locations. After discovering this, Durz's team searched for ways to improve product classification and increase product visibility. They decided to use Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS), which allows them to regularly review processing reports so they can spot and correct feed errors and warnings. Amazon MWS has proven to be a huge cost- and time-saver for Fabial.

"These steps help us increase the quality for our customers on many levels and we have big benefits; for example, the number of returns go down", Durz says.

Today, Fabial continues to minimise listing errors and quality alerts before these listings enter the Amazon catalogue. They're also able to easily identify incomplete listings and fix them without delay.

Says Durz, "We're now reaching new clients and selling a bigger range of products throughout the year. In the end, our passion is to sell products and to have satisfied customers and we're able to do this on Amazon".

You might see an enhancement opportunity if your listings do not meet the recommended standards. For guidelines, see Product Page Style Guides.

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