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FBA business reports

On this page, you will find information about your Fulfilment by Amazon available reports in Seller Central.

FBA business reports provide data and helps you track your business performance.

What reports would you like to learn about? Use these links to help narrow your search:

Sales Reports Track customer orders, shipments, promotions and more.
Inventory reports Monitor the status and quantity of inventory in Amazon’s fulfilment centres.
Payments reports Monitor payments received and fees charged.
Customer Concessions Reports Track customer returns, replacements, and issues for your orders.
Removal Reports Make removal decisions, and track inventory removal orders and shipments.

Sales Reports

  • Amazon-Fulfilled Shipments

    Get product-level details on completed customer orders, including purchase price, quantity, tracking and delivery information.

  • All Orders

    Review information on both FBA and self-fulfilled orders, including order status, fulfilment and sales channel information, and product details.

  • Customer Shipment Sales

    Get product-level data on shipped FBA customer orders, including price, quantity and destination.

  • Your FBA Sales Lift

    The FBA Sales Lift tool appears on your Business Reports page when Amazon has data that compares sales on products that you have fulfilled through both FBA and other fulfilment channels.

Inventory reports

  • Stranded Inventory

    A breakdown of units in your inventory that are in the stranded status.

  • Reserved Inventory

    A breakdown of units in your inventory that are in the reserved status.

  • Recommended Removals

    Inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres subject to a long-term storage fee at the next inventory clean-up.

  • Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory

    Generates a snapshot of your inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres at the time the report is run.

  • Daily inventory

    A daily snapshot of your inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres, including the quantity, location and disposition.

  • Monthly inventory

    A monthly snapshot of your inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres, including the quantity, location and disposition.

  • Received Inventory

    Inventory that has passed through the receiving process at the fulfilment centre.

  • Inventory event detail

    Details about inventory receipts, shipments, adjustments and more viewable based on SKU and fulfilment centres.

  • Inventory adjustments

    Details about adjustments to your account related to damages, loss, receiving discrepancies, inventory transfers and more.

  • Inventory Health

    An assessment of your sales, currently sellable and unsellable inventory, inventory age, weeks of cover left, and comparisons to other offers on the same products.

  • Manage FBA Inventory

    Current listing details, including condition, disposition and quantity.

  • Inbound performance

    Information about the inventory that you have shipped to Amazon fulfilment centres (inbound inventory).

  • Hazmat Status Change

    Details about which of your products have been classified as hazmat (hazardous materials), are under hazmat review or have changed status recently.

Payments reports

  • Long-Term Storage Charges

    Details about your most recent long-term storage fee, including which items the charged was applied to, the condition, number in stock, size, and the total per-SKU fee amount.

  • Reimbursements

    Includes details of inventory reimbursements initiated by you and those generated automatically. For reimbursements that you have requested, click the case ID to view the case details.

  • Statement View

    A summary of fees and sales for a specific date range.

  • Transactions View

    A summary of the transactions that have occurred in the account since the last settlement date until the close of the previous day.

  • Fee Preview

    Estimates the selling on Amazon and fulfilment fees for your current FBA inventory.

Customer concessions reports

  • Returns

    Customer returns received at an Amazon fulfilment centre, with the reason for the return and the condition of the returned product.

Removal reports

  • Recommended Removals

    Lists the inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres that are subject to a long-term storage fee at the next inventory clean-up.

  • Removal Order Details

    Details for individual inventory removal orders, including the removal type, status of inventory removal orders, and fees charged for the removal.

  • Removal Shipment Details

    Shipment details for removal orders, including carrier details and tracking numbers.

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