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Classification alerts

Amazon alerts sellers to improve the classification of a listing that is not correctly classified on the website. These listings are either missing a category (recommended-browse-node) or the classification is too broad. Such errors reduce sales of these listings because it becomes buys find it difficult to locate them using search or browse. Our research has shown that you can improve sales by moving a listing to the correct location in the website.

Correctly Categorised Listings Incorrectly Categorised Listings

This listing is shown in the Digital SLR Camera browse node and all locations above this. A buyer would easily find this listing in the Digital SLR Camera browse node.

This listing is shown in the Digital Camera browse node. A buyer would not find this listing in the Digital SLR Camera browse node, which is the correct browse node for this product.

Updating your listings

Identify and fix the listings that are not correctly classified by using the following features:

From Manage Inventory in Seller Central

  1. Click Manage Inventory under the Inventory tab in Seller Central.
  2. Click Listing Enhancements in the horizontal menu.
    Note: Listing Enhancements is visible only if enhancements opportunities were identified. If no enhancements opportunities are available, this page link will not be visible.
  3. View all enhancements on the main Listing Enhancements page, or click on Enhancement type to filter by specific type of listing enhancement opportunity.
  4. Click the Edit link for a listing and select an option. Options will vary depending on the enhancement opportunity. Selecting an option will either take you to a new page (Edit Product Info) or generate a pop-up Manage Images.
  5. There are 3 ways to enhance your listings:

    Enter missing information in the Enhancement column using the editable cells or drop-downs and click on Save.

    Enter missing information in bulk by selecting multiple items that require the same enhancement. Then, click Enhance Listings (where "n" stands for the number of selected items) and submit a value in the Enhance multiple listings pop-up field.

    Enter missing information for items that are not available in the editable grid (Option a) or in bulk (Option b) by clicking Edit and going to the Edit Product Info page. In Edit Product Info, the missing details will be highlighted.

  6. For non-image enhancements, enter the missing value and then click Save and Finish.
  7. For image enhancements, follow the guidelines on the Manage Images pop-up, and then upload valid product images.

Downloading an Inventory Report in Seller Central

  1. Click Inventory Reports under the Inventory tab in Seller Central.
  2. Select the Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing report.
  3. Click on Request Report.
  4. When the report is ready, click Download.
  5. Use the Product Classifier to identify the optimal location for the listings.
  6. Update the recommended-browse-node in your Inventory File or XML feed with the value from the Product Classifier.

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