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Managing Your Amazon-Fulfilled Inventory

Can customers purchase items online that are in transit to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre?

No. Your product listings will not appear for purchase by customers until we receive and check the inventory in at the Fulfilment Centre in order to ensure that we can meet the customer delivery expectations for Amazon Prime, FREE Delivery and other expedited delivery options offered when Amazon fulfils products.

If you do not wish to lose days of sales, you can manually convert your listings to be fulfilled by you while in-transit and have them converted back to Amazon-fulfilled once received at the fulfilment centre.

How can I manage my inventory stored at Amazon’s fulfilment centres?

The “Manage Inventory” section of Seller Central lets you to manage your listings, whether they are Amazon-fulfilled or fulfilled by you. This page lets you to list and edit the price, condition, quantity, etc. of items for sale, as well as to review existing inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres, set up new shipments to replenish inventory and migrate listings back to being fulfilled by you.

Why is there inventory listed as unfulfillable in my Manage Inventory page in Seller Central?

Items are listed as unfulfillable in your Amazon-fulfilled inventory when they get damaged or they do not match the condition you assigned to them while creating the listing. Items can also be identified as unsellable when they are returned by customers and the condition has changed since leaving the fulfilment centre.

Once an item is identified as unfulfillable, you have 30 days from the initial notification to submit a removal order to have it returned to you or disposed of, per the Amazon Business Services Agreement. Please refer to the Fulfilment by Amazon Pricing page for information on removal-order fees.

Please note that until the items are returned or disposed, you will continue to pay the storage of those unsellable items.

Why is there inventory listed as reserved in my Manage Inventory page in Seller Central?

Ordered items will remain reserved until they are ready for shipment. But reserved units cover more than just sold items. They can also include items that are being held for a fulfilment centre process, for example items needed to be measured, weighed, or checked for hazardous components.

Can I sell my Amazon-fulfilled inventory with a listing that I fulfill?

No. If your listings are “Fulfilled by the Merchant”, no inventory from our fulfilment centres will be available for sale through such listings. The sale of inventory in Amazon fulfilment centres requires Amazon-fulfilled listings. Please select the items you wish on the “All Inventory” page and choose the “Change to Fulfilled by Amazon” option from the “Actions” drop-down menu to migrate the items to the Amazon Fulfilment Network inventory

I have an Amazon-fulfilled listing with unit(s) stored at the fulfilment centre, but the offer does not show on Amazon website. Why?

Please make sure the listing status is not set to "Inactive." If you have changed your listing status to “Inactive” during your vacation or for any other reason, your inventory will not be listed on Amazon websites. In such cases, you must update the listing status to “Active."

Inventory updates may take up to 24 hours to show on Amazon’s website. If the inventory has not been made available for sale on the Amazon website after some time and you have verified that the correct Fulfilled by Amazon listing exists, please contact us.

The ASIN that my listing was listed under has changed and now my Amazon-held inventory is no longer available for sale on Amazon. What should I do?

If one or more product specifications change, the relationship of the listing with Amazon-held inventory will be broken. For example, if you register a listing with SKU: ABC123 for a specific ASIN and condition (creating an Amazon-fulfilled inventory item identified by FNSKU: FNABC123) and then you redefine that listing with the same SKU for a different ASIN or condition, the previous Amazon-fulfilled inventory item identified by FNSKU: FNABC123 will no longer be actively associated with SKU: ABC123. You have two options:

  • Either relist the listing using the original values (merchant SKU, ASIN and condition) to sell the inventory, or 
  • If you wish to assign the new ASIN’s or condition to the existing Amazon held inventory, the inventory must be re-labelled at the Amazon Fulfilment Centre. Use the contact us form for assistance.
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