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Multi-Channel Fulfilment

What is Multi-Channel Fulfilment exactly?

Multi-Channel Fulfilment is an option of the FBA programme that enables sellers to fulfil orders from sales channels other than Amazon (such as their own website, other third-party sites and even in-store or catalogue sales) using their inventory stored in an Amazon fulfilment centre. In order to use Multi-Channel Fulfilment, you must have an Amazon selling account.

Can I use Fulfilment by Amazon if I do not sell on any of Amazon's websites?

Yes. You can send your products to us and we will pick, pack and deliver them to your customers. Multi-Channel Fulfilment allows you to sell your products through other sales channels but still take advantage of Amazon's fulfilment centres and delivery expertise.

How do I fulfil orders with Multi-Channel Fulfilment?

In your Manage Inventory page, use the Create Fulfilment Order option from the Actions drop-down menu to manually select the products you want to fulfil through Multi-Channel Fulfilment. When you submit a Multi-Channel Fulfilment request, you must include the buyer's address and the delivery method for Amazon to use (standard or express). You can also include a customised note to the buyer on the packing slip.

A flat file upload for bulk requests or direct website-to-website XML integration can also be used. You can therefore use an API/XML feed to integrate your Seller Account with your ordering system. For more information related to our APIs, please consult the Amazon Web Services website.

Can I manually fulfil orders using Multi-Channel Fulfilment in all marketplaces within my Amazon European Account?

No. You must submit Multi-Channel Fulfilment requests on your home Amazon seller account, i.e. the account on the marketplace that you first registered on. No other marketplace account supports the manual Create Fulfilment Order option.

How quickly are Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders processed?

We dispatch items based on the delivery option selected when you upload your multi-channel dispatch request, i.e. either Standard or Express. Details of delivery timelines can be found on the Amazon website. You can indicate the delivery timeline to your customers when they place their off-Amazon order.

Do Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders enjoy Amazon benefits?

Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders do not qualify forFree Delivery, Amazon Prime or Amazon Gift Wrapping benefits. They do not quality for Amazon Customer Service either.

Is it possible to fulfil international Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders?

Yes. With Amazon's Multi-Channel EU Export option we can fulfil orders for you within the EU. You must identify the destination country when you submit the order. The online Multi-Channel Fulfilment order form has a drop-down menu listing the countries available for Amazon Fulfilment.

If you are submitting orders using a flat file or an API, you must enter the two-letter ISO country code for the countries supported by Amazon. There are two different pricing brackets depending on whether the destination country is in Western Europe or Central Europe.

Please consult the pricing page on our website for more details.

Will I have access to tracking numbers for my Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders?

Most Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders display the tracking number for the orders under your Manage Orders page.

What type of packaging is used for Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders?

Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders are sent in standard Amazon packaging that includes Amazon logos and inclusions. There is no option for plain (non-branded) or customised packaging at this time.

How are customer returns and refunds handled for Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders?

Returns and refunds for Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders are explained here.

What are the fees for Multi-Channel Fulfilment?

There is a pick and pack and weight handling fee, details of which can be found on the pricing page of our website. No Sell on Amazon fees apply to Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders.

Fees for Multi-Channel Fulfilment vary depending on the item type, its dimensions and weight, and the delivery method used for fulfilment. Fees will also vary if orders are fulfilled outside the home marketplace to another EU member state. For a breakdown of the Multi-Channel Fulfilment fees, please refer to the Fulfilment by Amazon pricing section of our marketing website.

How is Multi-Channel Fulfilment billed?

Your credit card – requested at the time of registering for an Amazon Seller Account – is charged for Multi-Channel Fulfilment orders, unless you have a positive balance of outstanding sales revenue in your Seller Account in which case Multi-Channel Fulfilment fees will be deducted from this balance.

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