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Unblock listings that have pricing errors

Amazon detects potential pricing errors based on several factors including legal/compliance. Often we find problems just in comparison to a Buy Box price. When we find potential pricing errors, we temporarily deactivate the Seller offer and notify sellers via an email that a pricing error was found.

To reactivate listings that have been deactivated because of potential pricing errors, use the Fix Price Alerts feature to update your offer price.

From the Pricing drop-down menu, select Fix Price Alerts. This page contains all inactive offers due to a pricing error for a seller.

Update your listings price, item by item, by performing any of the following steps:

  • Update and Save your offer price.
  • You may also consider updating your price to our recommended Match Low Price from Manage Inventory page or with Suggested low price/Buy Box price from Pricing Dashboard under Pricing section.
    Note: If your new offer price is the as before or marginally different from the previous price, your offer might become inactive again due to a recurring pricing error.
  • If you have more than one listing that needs to be fixed, please upload an Inventory loader or Price and Quantity feed.

Amazon Business Sellers: Price Alerts can be caused by potential errors in your business prices or quantity discounts. See Business Prices and quantity discounts for more information.

Troubleshoot pricing and other listing errors

If you are having difficulty with identifying the cause of your pricing and listing error, use the following tool:

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