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Edit your default help pages

You can set up default help pages to provide information specific to your business. You will need permission from your account administrator to edit your help pages. If you do not see Your Info & Policies under the Settings drop-down menu, then you do not have access rights and will need to contact your account administrator to gain access rights.

The header and title for all default help pages are automatically inserted above the submitted text. You can enter up to 10,000 characters of raw HTML code per page.

Note: URL links and email addresses are not supported and will not be accepted.

  1. From the Settings drop-down menu, select Your Info & Policies.
  2. Select the page that you want to view or edit.
  3. In the text boxes provided, enter or edit the content that you want to include. Any existing seller and store content will appear in the text box. Use the buttons above the text box to apply basic formatting options.
  4. To view the content in an unrendered (raw HTML) format or in the rendered format that a buyer will see, select either the Code View (raw HTML) or Design View (rendered HTML) tab.
  5. For your seller logo, browse to locate your image file and click Upload.
  6. Click on Save to save your changes.

Logo images

Logo images must meet the following requirements:

  • Logo images must be 120 pixels wide and 30 pixels tall.
  • Logo images cannot contain animation.
  • All image files should be in .jpeg or .gif format.
  • Logo images cannot contain a URL or .com within the image.

After uploading an image, it will take 5 to 10 minutes for it to appear on the page. If there is an error with the image file, you will see a message on the screen. When you see the image on the Your Information & Policies page in Seller Central, it has been accepted for processing and should be visible on the website within 1 hour.

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