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Pause, resume or delete a pricing rule

You can stop running a pricing rule by pausing or deleting the rule.

Pause a pricing rule

When you pause a pricing rule, automated pricing on those SKUs stops and your prices stay at the last repriced value. Pausing and resuming a rule can take up to one hour to affect all SKUs associated with that rule, depending on how many SKUs you assigned to the rule.

To pause a pricing rule:

  • Go to the Automate Pricing homepage, and select Take Action Pause rule.
  • You can resume a paused rule at any time by selecting Take Action Delete rule.

Delete a pricing rule

When you delete a pricing rule, automated pricing of SKUs assigned to the rule stops. All records in the rule are removed.

To permanently delete a pricing rule, go to the Automate Pricing homepage, and click Take action Delete rule.

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